Environmental Health Together: councils sign-up

Environmental Health Together is about helping councils and their front-line services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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What is Environmental Health Together?

Environmental Health Together is the dedicated solution for councils and local authorities (LAs) experiencing capacity issues within their environmental health departments as they respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Backed by government, it is a register of professionals with relevant environmental health qualifications and experience who have signed up to assist LAs during this crisis. It is free, easy to use and the process is simple. Once access is granted, you can search candidates by location, skills and experience to find the best match for your requirements. By taking advantage of remote working, you can include potential candidates who might normally be geographically out of reach, thereby increasing the number available to you. 

Each professional has already been quality-assured by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) so you can be confident that they will be an effective addition to your team.

There are nearly 160 approved candidates on the EHT register - located across nine regions, with a range of experience.

Pie chart showing percentage distribution of specialisms available within the EHT register for Councils

Experience by number of candidates on the EHT register

30+ years: 41
20-30 years: 17
10-20 years: 28
5-10 years: 20
5 years and below: 17
Student: 29

Region by number of candidates on the EHT register

East Midlands: 10
East of England: 20
London: 31
North East: 5
North West: 18
South East: 18
South West: 29
West Midlands: 20
Yorkshire and Humber: 8

Benefits of using EH Together Register


Request access to Environmental Health Together and get the environmental health resources you need today.

Before you start recruiting – use EHT first

Within a few hours - find a shortlist of public and environmental health professionals

At your own pace - contact candidates and invite for interviews

Take the final steps to - complete interviews and make offers of contract