Local government honours

Writing and submitting a nomination

You can make an honours nomination at any time. 

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is looking for people who are working in their local communities to further the community rights agenda, people who are working in Housing, with the homeless and those supporting community cohesion and interfaith work.

To make a nomination, please complete the honours citation form and return it to julian.matthews@communities.gsi.gov.uk with at least two letters of support.


Make sure that the nominee is doing more than what would be expected of them in the role that they are being nominated for, for example there are many councillors with long service who sit on many committees and are generally doing good work, your nominee needs to be achieving more than that to stand out from the crowd and to be successful.

Unfortunately for this round, DCLG are unable to offer the Honours workshops previously hosted by the Department, but please feel free to contact Jennifer Ryan if you need any help or advice with your nomination.

Key documents


If you would like help or advice for drafting citations please contact: jennifer.ryan@communities.gsi.gov.uk or 0303 444 1467.