Our Boards

Our Boards each cover a specific policy area and develop a thorough understanding of councils' priorities in relation to their particular area.

Our Boards each cover a specific policy area and develop a thorough understanding of councils' priorities in relation to their particular area. They use this intelligence to help shape the LGA's future priorities and oversee programmes of work to deliver them.

The LGA Executive comprises of the LGA's Leadership Board members, Chairs of the Policy Boards and representatives from the 9 regions and Wales.  It provides strategic direction to the work of the LGA, with regard to advice from the Leadership Board. You can see the full membership of the Executive on the Modern Gov website. 

The lists below show the Board Chairperson and Lead Members of each board. For the full membership list of each board, please visit the Modern Gov website.

Children & Young People Board

Cllr Roy Perry  (Vice-Chair)  Conservative  Hampshire County Council

Cllr Richard Watts  (Chair)  Labour  Islington Council

Cllr Gillian Ford  (Deputy Chair)  Residents Assocation  Havering London Borough Council

Cllr Liz Green  (Deputy Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Kingston upon Thames Royal Borough Council

City Regions Board

Sir Richard Leese CBE  (Chair)  Labour  Manchester City Council

Cllr Robert Light  (Vice Chairman)  Conservative  Kirklees Metropolitan Council

Cllr Julie Dore  (Vice-Chair)  Labour  Sheffield City Council

Cllr Liz Hazell  (Deputy Chair)  UKIP  Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

Cllr Abigail Bell  (Deputy Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Hull City Council

Community Wellbeing Board

Cllr Izzi Seccombe  (Chairman)  Conservative  Warwickshire County Council

Cllr Linda Thomas  (Vice-Chair)  Labour  Bolton Council

Mayor Kate Allsop  (Deputy Chair)  Independent  Mansfield District Council

Cllr Richard Kemp CBE  (Deputy Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Liverpool City Council

Culture, Tourism & Sport Board

Cllr Ian Stephens  (Chair)  Independent  Isle of Wight Council

Cllr Simon Henig CBE  (Vice-Chair)  Labour  Durham County Council

Cllr Paul Bettison OBE  (Deputy Chairman)  Conservative  Bracknell Forest Borough Council

Cllr Mike Bell  (Deputy Chair)  Liberal Democrat  North Somerset Council

Environment, Economy, Housing & Transport Board

Cllr Martin Tett  (Chairman)  Conservative  Buckinghamshire County Council

Cllr Judith Blake  (Vice-Chair)  Labour  Leeds City Council

Cllr Julian German  (Deputy Chair)  Independent  Cornwall Council

Cllr Keith House  (Deputy Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Eastleigh Borough Council

Improvement & Innovation Board

Cllr William Nunn  (Chairman)  Conservative  Breckland Council

Mayor Dave Hodgson MBE  (Vice-Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Bedford Borough Council

Cllr Judi Billing MBE  (Deputy Chair)  Labour  North Hertfordshire District Council

Cllr Ron Woodley  (Deputy Chair)  Independent  Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

LGA Leadership Board

Lord Gary Porter  (Chairman)  Conservative  South Holland District Council

Cllr Nick Forbes  (Senior Vice-Chair)  Labour  Newcastle upon Tyne City Council

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson CBE  (Vice-Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Portsmouth City Council

Cllr Marianne Overton MBE  (Vice-Chair)  Independent  Lincolnshire County Council

Cllr David Simmonds CBE  (Deputy Chairman)  Conservative  Hillingdon London Borough Council

Baroness Couttie of Downe  (Deputy Chairman)  Conservative  Westminster City Council

Cllr Peter Fleming OBE  (Deputy Chairman)  Conservative  Sevenoaks District Council

Cllr Sean Anstee  (Deputy Chairman)  Conservative  Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

Cllr Colin Noble (Deputy Chairman) Conservative Suffolk County Council

Cllr Sharon Taylor OBE  (Deputy Chair)  Labour  Stevenage Borough Council

Mayor Sir Steve Bullock  (Deputy Chair)  Labour  Lewisham London Borough Council

Cllr Anne Western CBE  (Deputy Chair)  Labour  Derbyshire County Council

Cllr Sue Murphy CBE  (Deputy Chair)  Labour  Manchester City Council

Cllr Peter Box CBE  (Deputy Chair)  Labour  Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

Cllr Peter Reeve  (Deputy Chair)  UKIP  Cambridgeshire County Council

Mayor Dorothy Thornhill MBE  (Deputy Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Watford Borough Council

People & Places Board

Cllr Mark Hawthorne MBE  (Chairman)  Conservative  Gloucestershire County Council

Cllr Gillian Brown  (Vice Chairman)  Conservative  Arun District Council

Cllr Michael Payne  (Deputy Chair)  Labour  Gedling Borough Council

Cllr John Pollard  (Deputy Chair)  Independent  Cornwall Council

Cllr Heather Kidd  (Deputy Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Shropshire Council

Resources Board

Cllr Claire Kober OBE  (Chair)  Labour  Haringey Council

Cllr John Fuller  (Vice Chairman)  Conservative  South Norfolk District Council

Cllr Clarence Barrett  (Deputy Chair)  Residents Assocation  Havering London Borough Council

Cllr Claire Hudson  (Deputy Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Mendip District Council

Safer & Stronger Communities Board

Cllr Simon Blackburn  (Chair)  Labour  Blackpool Council

Cllr Morris Bright  (Vice Chairman)  Conservative  Hertsmere Borough Council

Cllr Clive Woodbridge  (Deputy Chair)  Residents Assocation  Epsom and Ewell Borough Council

Cllr Lisa Brett  (Deputy Chair)  Liberal Democrat  Bath & North East Somerset Council