Local government honours

Information and guidance on how to make an honours nomination.

You can make an honours nomination at any time. 

Writing and submitting a nomination

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) is especially interested in people who are working or volunteering in their local community to further their community’s ambitions. They could be building communities, working with the homeless or in housing more widely, or supporting community integration and interfaith work. They could be working as an official in local government over an extended period to achieve the council’s local ambitions.

To make a nomination, please complete the Honours citation form and return it to honours@communities.gov.uk with at least two letters of support. 

Honours nominations

Please link to the citation form and letter inviting Honours nominations for the New year 2021 honours list. For your candidate(s) to be considered we need the form to be fully completed, including date of birth and home address details. The form and 2 letters of support should be sent to Honours@communities.gov.uk by 10.00 am Monday 6 April 2020.

Points to note:

  • You must use the link provided above to the form which must be submitted as a .docx document. When saving the form please use the format: Surname Forename MHCLG NY2021.docx.
  • All nominations must include the candidates name, date of birth and home address, as we will be unable to process nominations that do not include this information.
  • 2 letters of support must be supplied at the same time as the nomination form (letters of support can be addressed to you).
  • You must complete sections 1 and 2 of the form.

Completing the nomination form

The short citation

This should read “Job or role, Organisation. For services to…”.  If there is no formal role or organisation please use “For services to…”.  There should be no more than 20 words in this box.

The long citation

When completing the long citation, please bear in mind the text should be no longer than 3000 characters, including spaces (or about 500 words). If using both the Long citation and Voluntary and charitable service text boxes, the combined text must not exceed 3000 characters. Citations should include impact (the story of change), evidence (facts and figures), and outcomes.


Nominations for Honours are confidential and the candidate must not be told that they are under consideration. Honours are exempt under GDPR, and as such you do not need the candidate’s permission to use their personal information for this purpose. You can also explain that Honours are exempt under GDPR when asking for information from 3rd parties; however, you must guarantee that the information you obtain will only be used for the purpose of making a nomination for an honour.

Timing of nominations

Candidates must be in post or carrying out their work or voluntary role six months before the honours list is announced; for New Year 2021 candidates should still be carrying out the activity they have been nominated for in June 2020.

Honours should generally be awarded at the point of achievement, and as such the main focus of the nomination should concentrate on the last five years.

Honours workshops

We are running workshops this year to enable you to get the best from the Honours System. These workshops will cover the background of Honours, an overview of the process and how to draft a citation, and are available to people and organisation who have a connection with MHCLG. Invitations must not be passed to members of the public as they cannot submit nominations directly to the department and the process for managing those nominations is different.

All the workshops are being held in 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF; places can be booked here.

Dates available are:

  • 13 March (10.30 start)
  • 20 March (13.30 start)
  • 27 March (10.30 start)


Jennifer Ryan: Honours Secretary | Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Transport | 2nd Floor | NE Quadrant | Fry Building | 2 Marsham Street | London | SW1P 4DF  t: 0303 44 41467 | e: Jennifer.Ryan@communities.gsi.gov.uk