All-party Parliamentary Group

N.B. While Parliament is dissolved, there are no Members of Parliament and this group has no status as an All-Party Parliamentary Group. We will update the webpage following the General Election on 8 June 2017.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Reform, Decentralisation and Devolution in the UK was founded in 2014 to provide cross-party parliamentary space for an open discussion on the need for a UK-wide settlement.

The qualifying officers for the APPG are:

  • Lord Foulkes of Cumnock
  • Lord Purvis of Tweed
  • Andrew Rosindell MP
  • Catherine West MP.

More details can be found on the Register of All-Party Groups.

The LGA provides the secretariat to the group.

You can follow the debate on Twitter using #DevoAPPG.

Past meetings:

  • 16 June 2015 
  • 21 July 2015, with Lord Kerslake
  • 8 September 2015, with Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Professor Jim Gallagher, and Professor Robert Hazell
  • 3 November 2015
  • 30 November 2015, with Lord Porter, Cllr Forbes, Cllr Pollard, Cllr Western, Cllr Kober, Sir Edward Lister, Ben Rogers and Professor Tony Travers
  • 7 December 2015 with Caroline Abrahams – Age UK, Matthew Fell – CBI, Lisa McElherron – NICVA, Martin McTague – FSB, and Professor Vernon Bogdanor
  • 18 January 2016, with Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Jon Trickett MP, and Professor Vernon Bogdanor
  • 21 March 2016
  • 24 May 2016, with Lord Kerslake, APPG for the Union, APPG for London, Constitution Reform Group, Electoral Reform Society, Lords Constitution Committee
  • 30 March 2017, with the Rt Hon Gordon Brown

Minutes of APPG meetings are circulated to members and are available on request.      



The approach to devolution and constitutional reform has often been piecemeal and reactive, and has not addressed the UK as a whole. The purpose of the Inquiry into Better Devolution for the Whole UK has been to carefully consider how to bring long-lasting and coherent constitutional renewal to the UK.

The Inquiry was commissioned by the on Reform, Decentralisation and Devolution APPG to look at how we could better achieve devolution across the whole of the United Kingdom. The LGA provided the secretariat to the Inquiry and Dr Andrew Blick, King's College London, acted as an adviser to the panel.

Better Devolution for the whole UK – inquiry terms of reference (PDF)

The Reform, Decentralisation and Devolution APPG issed a call for evidence as part of a far-reaching inquiry on devolution and constitutional reform chaired by Lord Kerslake. The inquiry sought evidence on devolved nations, local government, central powers in the UK and wider constitutional reform.


The report sets out the constitutional questions that need to be answered in the next Parliament. In addition to devolution to local government, this includes:

  • further devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • the powers retained by the UK government
  • the intra-UK relationships. 

Further information

For further information please contact:

020 7664 3060

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