LGA briefing – fairer schools funding

LGA briefing on fairer schools funding (PDF, 2 pages, 105KB)

Key messages:

  • The Government is proposing to divide £350 million between what the Department for Education considers to be the least fairly funded authorities.
  • 62 local authorities will receive the additional funding in 2015/16. The remaining 90 authorities will not lose funding but will have a cash freeze per pupil for the Schools Block in 2015/16.
  • The Government is proposing that, to allocate the additional £350 million funding fairly, every local authority will attract a minimum funding level for every pupil and every school. This means that minimum funding levels are different in different authorities. In a number of cases, local authorities will find that they will not receive any additional money, whereas a neighbouring authority, with a higher level of funding per pupil in 2014/15 will.

12 February 2015