Information and advice

The Act requires local authorities to establish and maintain an information and advice service in their area. The information and advice service must cover the needs of all its population, not just those who are in receipt of care or support which is arranged or funded by the local authority.

This relates to the information and advice section of the regulations and guidance for implementation of part one of the Care Act in 2015/16.

Some products and proposals are not yet confirmed and are still subject to approval by the Department of Health Finance team and the successful conclusion of any subsequent procurement process.

Meeting the new duties

Framework documents for development of a local information and advice strategy

This draft toolkit has been produced to help local areas address the requirements of the Care Act and associated statutory guidance in relation to the provision of information and advice. It is geared towards officers and especially council officers responsible for reviewing information and advice, and for developing a new strategy. The toolkit will also be of interest to all organisations that provide information and advice around care and support.

Provider: TLAP
Draft strategy tool

Part 1: Shaping the future

A Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) project which explores the implementation challenge and makes links to other important duties in the Act regarding market shaping and prevention.

Addresses the strategic challenge and implications of the Care Act for councils and their partners when it comes to providing information, advice and brokerage foe people who need social care.

Provider: TLAP
Shaping the future

Part 2: Gearing up for change

Key themes and learning from detailed work TLAP undertook with six councils to understand how they are approaching the IAB challenge, spanning web-based information, contact centres, partnership approaches with GP practices and community brokerage models.

Provider: TLAP
Gearing up for change

Part 3: Seeing the benefits: understanding and monitoring the benefits of information, advice and brokerage services

This checklist for commissioners offers pragmatic suggestions for how the outcomes of information, advice and brokerage services can be better understood and measured.

Provider: TLAP
Seeing the benefits

Revamped TLAP social care jargon buster

A revamped, web-based version of the TLAP jargon buster will accommodate further health and social care terminology. This product won a Plain English Award in 2013.

Provider: TLAP
Care and support jargon buster    

Financial information and advice

Facilitating access to independent financial information and advice: practice guidance for local authorities

This practice guidance has been developed to help local authorities meet their duty to facilitate access to independent financial information and advice under the Care Act 2014. It explains the different types of financial information and advice which are available and provides guidance to help identify those who may benefit from it and how to help people to access it, addressing some of the perceived risks. The document also brings together a number of examples of existing local authority practice.

This practice guidance is intended to complement the existing statutory guidance under the Care Act, particularly the chapter on information and advice, and should be read in conjunction with it. The practice guidance also provides links to other resources that have been made available to support local authorities in developing their information and advice service under the Care Act.

Provider: SVARfair
Practice guidance to support Local Authorities to facilitate access to independent financial information and advice under the Care Act 2014 (Word)

Supporting online information and advice

Online services for information and advice supporting the Care Act

Online information and services are critical to meeting many of the duties under the Care Act and delivering the wider care and support reform programme. This report sets out provides a range of issues that local authorities will need to think about in relation to the provision of online information and advice and how we can work collectively to build a more robust framework for evaluating the broader cost-effectiveness of its delivery. The document has been developed by a subgroup of the national Association of Directors of Adult Social Services Information Management Group (ADASS IMG).

Provider: ADASS IMG
The development of online services for information and advice supporting the Care Act 2014

NHS Choices free syndication feeds for local authorities

The Care Act places a requirement on local authorities to provide information and advice about local care providers. A cost-effective method of meeting these requirements is to integrate NHS Choices content into local authority websites as this will provide a significant amount of health and social care content without charge.

Provider: NHS Choices
Content syndication opportunities for local authorities
NHS Choices proposition for local authorities (PowerPoint, 15 slides, 2,960KB)

NHS Choices: Your guide to care and support

NHS Choices has comprehensively refreshed its pages on care and support to establish a guide for people who have care and support needs, their carers, and people who are planning for their future care needs. It helps members of the public to identify their situation, obtain advice on how to access services, and how to plan for the future (including financially. Content has been produced in collaboration with DH and is also available for syndication. Please contact for more information.

Provider: NHS Choices
Your guide to care and support
NHS Choices proposition for local authorities (PowerPoint, 15 slides, 2,960KB)

Learning and development resources

Information and advice slidepack

This slidedeck explains:

  • what the Act says: a duty on local authorities
  • what information and advice needs to be provided?
  • who needs information and advice and when do they need it?
  • proportionality and accessibility
  • how effective is information and advice?
  • a strategic approach
  • summary.

Provider: Skills for Care
Information and advice slidepack

Information and advice workbook

This workbook is about the information and advice requirements of the Act and its statutory guidance. The workbook has been written for learning facilitators and includes exercises, suggested group discussions, points of reflection and scenarios that facilitators can use either in their entirety or to pick and choose from as they see fit when designing a learning programme.

Provider: Skills for Care
Information and advice workbook

Financial information and advice handout

This handout explains the duties upon local authorities in relation to information and advice and how staff should consider responding to these duties.

Provider: Skills for Care
Financial information and advice handout

Local practice examples

TLAP case studies

TLAP has published six detailed case studies covering practice examples from Derbyshire, Lancashire, Newquay, Stockport and West Sussex.

Provider: TLAP
Practice examples from six councils
Information and advice case studies

Further resources

Download Information and advice (PDF, 7 pages, 261KB)

Changing the way we deliver services to achieve better outcomes (PDF, 15 pages, 1,184KB)

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