Dacorum Borough Council

Dacorum is a thriving business and residential community in Hertfordshire to the north of London within easy reach of the rest of the UK and Europe. 

It embraces the new town of Hemel Hempstead and the historic market towns of Berkhamsted and Tring, picturesque villages and rural locations and one of the largest and fastest growing business centres in the UK.

Dacorum aims to be a first choice location to work, live and enjoy – and that is the central theme of the Council's new inward investment drive – Dacorum: Look no further. 

Dacorum's prime location to the north of London and on direct routes to all other major parts of the country, including the intersection of the M1 and M25, as well as its proximity to London airports,  make it an ideal location for both national and international companies.

Further information can be found at www.dacorumlooknofurther.co.uk

Dacorum Borough Council has produced a series of short videos that show its work and objectives in various areas to promote growth. These can be viewed by following the links below:

Look No Further
Investment, Retention and Growth
Incubation and Start Ups
Employment and Skills
Regenerating and Developing Key Business Areas
Maylands Partnership

Employment and Skills Partnership

Dacorum Borough Council has development of the Employment and Skills Partnership to Improve the skills and employment opportunities of people across the region.
Find out more about the partnership and how it is meeting its objectives (PDF 1 page, 78 KB)

Inward investment
Dacorum Borough Council attracts big business with its inward investment policy and the assistance it offers to companies looking to relocate to the area.
Dacorum: Inward investment (PDF 1 page, 53KB)

Business Exchange
Keen to attract businesses into the area and help them grow, this Hertfordshire Council set up the Dacorum Business Exchange to support local enterprises in their first years of operation.
Dacorum Business Exchange (PDF 1 pages 73KB)

Working in partnership with business
Dacorum Borough Council has led the development of the Maylands Business Partnership in Hertfordshire to ensure that the business community and public sector work together towards common goals.
Dacorum borough Council: Working in Partnership with Business (PDF 1 page, 81KB)

Maylands Business Centre
Maylands Business Centre provides offices and light industrial units to start-up businesses and companies looking to move into their first commercial premises. The aim for the centre is to assist these businesses to grow and develop to a stage where they are ready to move into private commercial properties within three years.

The centre also gives local people a chance to boost skills and employment opportunities.
Read more about the Maylands Business Centre (PDF 1 page, 85KB)

Recovery to regeneration
Since the explosion Buncefield explosion, Dacorum Council has continued to enhance its economic development service. Nearly all of the businesses displaced by the incident have returned to Maylands but opportunities to accelerate business growth at Maylands still exist. Find out more about 

Mayland's Recovery to regeneration (PDF 1 page, KB)


Please note that the information on this page and in the PDFs has been provided by the Councils concerned and is not the opinion of the LGA. 

9 March 2015

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