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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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COVID-19 case studies

Councils are doing remarkable work to address the challenges brought by coronavirus. Good council practice related to the COVID-19 outbreak can be found on our dedicated web hub.

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Wealden District Council: Review of the structure, organisation and functions of the waste management team

Following an extended period of change and significant service disruption due to poor contractor performance, a review of the council’s waste team was undertaken engaging an expert consultant to help determine the future shape and direction of the service.

Efficiency and income generation

Tackling smoking in pregnancy in Derbyshire

Derbyshire County Council looked at their maternity pathway and ways to identify improvements and reduce smoking in pregnancy (SiP) rates. Smoking is the main modifiable risk factor associated with a range of poor pregnancy outcomes and can impact on the health of the child throughout their lifetime.

Aylesbury Vale District Council (as of April 2020 - Buckinghamshire Council) Digital Housing case study

This project has effectively built upon its well-established digital housing offer through this project. The team have implemented further resource alleviating solutions into the service while at the same time consolidating back office services under a unitarisation programme of 4 local districts with the county council.

Efficiency and income generation

Brighton and Hove City Council Digital Housing Case Study

The project team are awaiting delivery of the products from the supplier as migration to the new system and user acceptance testing is completed and verified for the Go-live launch.

Efficiency and income generation

Exeter City Council Digital Housing Case Study

This project has enabled a successful channel shift to deliver a flexible service 24/7/365. This delivers a more convenient option to alleviate traffic away from traditional housing options services. The model offers one main consolidated referral route giving customers an efficient and effective way to engage with their local authority.

Efficiency and income generation

Milton Keynes Council Digital Housing Case Study

This project has had to pivot products from one back office system to a new overhauled alternative. This refocused approach provided the team with a solid foundation of experience and resource that will now be embedded in the change programme of the housing IT system. The department will now benefit from the work carried out by the team as the housing system innovates over the upcoming year.

Efficiency and income generation

Local contact tracing: Leicester

Leicester never really left lockdown. In late June it had the highest rate of positive cases in the country so just before the re-opening of restaurants, bars and hairdressers on 4 July it was announced the city was to go in reverse.

Local contact tracing: Newham

Newham launched its contact tracing service at the beginning of September. Environmental health officers have staffed the service, which has been run from Monday to Friday.

Local contact tracing: Norfolk

A community contact tracing service was launched in Norfolk at the start of September. It is run in partnership between the county council and districts.

Local contact tracing: Sandwell

“Test and Trace had given us a good start but we really believe in the value of contact tracing and wanted to maximise the number of local people it reached. We felt we could make a difference."