Information, tools and resources for health, wellbeing and social care

CHIP tools and resources

As part of the Care and Health Improvement Programme (CHIP) our aim is to provide a single point of access to a range of key data tools and resources relevant to health, wellbeing and social care outcomes.

This is to support and inform the work of the programme and to support health and wellbeing boards, councils, public health professionals, local people and voluntary organisations in making their own assessment of local needs and priorities through benchmarking and monitoring trends.

LG Inform reports

LG Inform is the LGA's free and interactive online reporting and comparison tool based on council areas. There is a range of LGA reports available on the tool, across health, wellbeing and social care themes.

Small area reports on LG Inform Plus

LG Inform Plus is a subscription service focusing on small area data and bespoke neighbourhoods. It supports comparison and analysis within local areas. All users can view the following public reports developed to support health and wellbeing boards.

Health and wellbeing priorities map

This map provides a summary of local health and wellbeing priorities for all health and wellbeing boards (HWBs), along with links to the local HWB strategy, health and wellbeing reports for the selected area, and a map highlighting the links between the local authority and clinical commissioning group (CCG) boundaries.

Neighbourhoods tool on LG Inform Plus

The Neighbourhoods tool on LG Inform Plus enables users to define and map custom areas that represent real, meaningful localities such as town centres or school catchment areas. It also enables users to view CCG boundaries alongside local authority and small area boundaries.

Risk awareness tool

This tool helps councils identify and manage risks across the adult social care sector. Designed as a high-level check of the key domains of risk, it suggests ways of using standard indicators to explore the existence of risk and emphasises the importance of triangulating ‘hard' and ‘soft' evidence.

Other tools and resources

This page includes links to tools from Public Health England, the Health & Social Care Information Centre, Cancer Research UK and the Office for National Statistics.

30 June 2016