Systems resilience: a year round approach

We are working with key national partners including ADASS, DH, NHSE and the Emergency Care Improvement Programme (ECIP) to develop a new approach to system resilience. It will move away from the concept of winter pressures to a year round approach supporting timely hospital discharges. We are focusing our support on helping authorities and their partners to manage patient flow and minimise unnecessary lengths of stay in hospital.

ECIP is a clinically led programme offering practical support to urgent and emergency care systems to deliver improvements in quality, safety and patient flow. In 2015/16 the ECIP focused on helping the 28 urgent and emergency care systems across England that were under the most pressure. From 2015, the addition of social care expertise has enabled a more integrated approach with local authorities.

Together with our partners we revised the DToC guidance (October 2015) to reflect changes made by the provisions of both the Care Act 2014 and the Care and Support (Discharge of Hospital Patients) Regulations 2014 in relation to the reimbursement regime for delayed discharge of hospital patients with care and support needs.

Our Care and Health Improvement Advisers (CHIAs) also provide bespoke support to local authorities to resolve system resilience issues. .

High impact change model

This tool identifies eight high impact changes to support local care and health systems improve effectiveness especially with patient flow and discharge.

30 June 2016

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