A range of guides and resources to help support and advance communications activity at your council.

Communications improvement advice for councils

Our improvement offer

We can visit your council to review your communications offer and suggest improvements. Each council is entitled to one free day of support per year - find out more and apply.

Communications improvement for councils

Case studies

Examples of best practice in communications from councils across the country.

CommsNet bulletin

A weekly e-bulletin with case studies, guidance and latest news relevant to council comms teams. Sign up to the receive the email newsletter here.

Communications Survey

How does your communications activity compare to other councils'? Find benchmark information in this concise report.

Resident satisfaction with councils survey

Residents survey

How do residents feel about their local council? We poll residents four times a year to find out their thoughts. Discover the findings here.

Devolution Communications

Effective communications needs to play a leading role in informing, engaging and involving residents, businesses and partners.

Digital Councils

Whether you're new to social media, searching for best practice, or looking for advice on how to use it more strategically, our Digital Councils resource contains everything you need to know about  making the most of social channels. 


Information on how you can collaborate with us on campaigns and get involved.

Picture library

Do you struggle with the quality of stock photos you are using across your website and other media? This new LGA project proposes a central image bank for councils to share graphics. Sign up here.

Parliamentary network

Information on how we can support your public affairs activity at your council. Sign up to our weekly email newsletter to keep up-to-date on the latest news from Westminster.

Place branding

A strong place brand should be at the heart of any communication strategy that aims to support the well-being and economic development of the place that it serves. Our best practice guide will guide you through the process of building your brand with examples and case studies.