Welcome to Local Government!

This online resource is designed as a quick reference guide to provide you with the essential information that you need to know as a councillor.

As well as the full Councillors' Guide 2016/17, we've highlighted below links to other useful information and resources available to you as a new councillor.

Take a look to explore some of the main issues and challenges facing local government today, find resources to get you started in your new role and even access some hints and tips from experienced councillors.

You can download the full guide on your iPad or tablet or as a PDF for your laptop or desktop

Watch Leading the Way, our new film which shows how our Political Leadership development programmes and resources have helped individual councillors gain the skills they need to become more confident and effective.

From the Chairman

LGA Chairman Lord Porter of Spalding on being councillor and the unique opportunity to make a real difference to the communities you represent.


The councillor's role

As a democratically elected local representative, you are in a privileged position. Find out how you have the potential to make a real difference to the lives of your constituents.


Distance learning resources

Find out about our online councillor workbooks and e-learning modules available to all new councillors.


Community leadership

The LGA's range of political leadership development programmes helps to support and develop councillors ensuring our local politicians are confident and capable; well equipped and well supported to make a difference.



An essential part of being a good councillor is knowing how and what to communicate with different audiences. These key principles will help you carry out your role more effectively. 


What does it mean to be a councillor?

What does being a councillor actually involve? And how rewarding can the responsibility be? Find out by reading the testimonies of serving members.