Does your council find it difficult to find the commercial skills and expertise it needs, at a fair rate?

In tough times, alternative ways to raise income or become more commercially focussed makes increasing sense. However, procuring the right skills needed to make complex or novel commercial ideas a reality can prove a barrier to innovation.

LGA in partnership with YPO

The LGA's commercial skills procurement solution (CSPS), in partnership with YPO, provides councils with a bespoke solution to finding the right people, making the delivery of commercial projects easier and ensuring councils pay a competitive price for specialist expertise.

Our commercial skills procurement solution:

  • is quick and effective, minimising duplication
  • needs no additional resources to use
  • caters to both national and local suppliers
  • provides the best possible prices
  • pre-checks supplier accreditation and capability
  • puts the right controls in place to go to market quickly
  • manages recruitment, on-boarding, and compliance
  • has a dedicated account owner for each strategic service.

CSPS will support councils in accessing talented individuals in approximately 30 skill areas, including:

  • Commercial strategy writing
  • Commercial project mobilisation
  • Customer focus
  • Contract management
  • Commercial risk
  • Market analysis
  • Product/service development
  • Costing
  • Managing capital
  • Business case writing
  • Developing unique selling points
  • Marketing
  • Bid proposal/ management
  • Pricing
  • Due diligence – legal and financial
  • Income generation strategy

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Visit the YPO website to access your commercial skills solution.