The ‘Economic Growth Adviser' (EGA) programme offers direct bespoke advice and support to local authorities to deliver economic growth in their local area. The programme has been designed to promote, facilitate and enhance the role of local authorities in delivering economic growth 

In recognition of the LGA's priority to promote local economic growth, the Productivity team launched a third phase of the Growth Adviser programme.

What is the Economic growth Adviser programme?

An LGA programme that  provides funding to councils to commission an expert for up to 14 days to help your council progress its local economic growth initiatives.

The Growth Adviser programme is designed to build the economic capacity of a local area to help improve its economic future.

Councils are invited to develop a project brief then a broad range of advisers – from housing to infrastructure – are assembled.

How to apply

For details of how to apply:

  1. Read Economic Growth Adviser Prospectus
  2. Contact Joanne Straw for further information. 

Successes so far

In phases one and two, a panel of local growth advisers with a proven track record worked with a number of councils to help

  • deliver specific projects,
  • bring local partners together, or
  • assist with the development of a strategic approach.

Projects have been delivered in five main themes: Strategy; business engagement, retention and creation; infrastructure development; inward investment; regeneration and housing.

Individual projects chosen range from enhancing business engagement, working successfully with Local enterprise Partnerships and encouraging inward investment.


Economic Growth Adviser case studies

1. An economic growth strategy
2. Business engagement and retention

3. Infrastructure development

4. Inward investment

5. Regeneration and housing








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9 February 2017