Managing flood risk

This section looks at the different types of flooding and the reasons it occurs.

Coastal flooding and erosion

Coastal flooding is caused by extreme tidal conditions.

River (fluvial) flooding

A watercourse is a flowing body of water including rivers, streams and brooks.

Surface water (pluvial) flooding

Surface water from rainfall puts a burden on the sewerage network. This page looks at the different types of drainage and how they can help relieve that burden.

Flood risk and flood risk management

New roles for local authorities under the FWMA together with their planning responsibilities will enable more effective management of flood risk.

The Water Framework Directive and FCERM

How WFD and FCERM are related and the responsibilities local authorities have to help mitigate the impact of flood risk management activities on watercourses.

Frequently-asked questions

This page offers answers to frequently-asked questions about flood risk management.

Flood and Coastal Risk Management bulletins

Monthly Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management bulletins can be found here.


A reference of flooding terms in common use - and their meaning.

Flooding document library

Links to useful documents