Councils work around-the-clock with emergency services, government agencies and the voluntary and community sector to cope with extreme weather.

Clearing roads, rescuing stranded motorists, pumping away floodwater, delivering sandbags to people's homes and providing emergency accommodation are just some of the wide range of services provided for communities and the national economy as a whole.

This resource, set up during the Winter 2013 floods, aims to keep member councils up-to-speed with developments during extreme weather events – including the latest updates from government, what councils are doing to support communities, LGA press releases and links to other useful information. It also provides a live record of flood alerts across the UK.

Please let know what your council is doing to improve resilience and reduce flood risk in your communities and we can include it in the Council News section.

LGA flood news

All the LGA press releases and responses relating to flooding and flood resilience and response

Council news

A look at what councils around the country are doing to support communities during recent severe weather. 

Updates from government

Here you will find up to date government announcements.

Further useful information and documents

Here you will find other key documents and guidance which may be of interest to councils.

What is happening in your council area?

We are keen to ensure we have a comprehensive picture of the issues and impacts of flooding on councils and welcome feedback from you on this. Look at our Key Contacts section on the link above to find out how you can help.

Flood portal

The gateway to local flood risk management information, learning and networking.

Letter to local authorities

10 December: Letter to council leaders on government support for severe weather recovery.

Extreme weather communications guide

This good practice guide for councils communicating during periods of extreme weather was produced in response to councils asking us for examples of good practice, how to develop a communications strategy and where they can go for further help and support.

Keeping residents and businesses informed

How councils are keeping residents and businesses informed of recovery work and opportunities to access support grants and advice.