Health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) are the only forum where clinical, political, professional and community leaders come together to solve local health challenges.

The health and social care policy landscape in which they work is challenging and fast developing. To enable full integration by 2020 and engage with developing ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans' health and wellbeing boards must become system leaders, developing a shared culture which takes a place based approach to transformation and integration.

Above all HWBs need to be able to demonstrate their impact.

The Department of Health has clear priorities for the 2016/17 grant for the sector-led improvement programme. The Health and Wellbeing System project within CHIP has a clear focus and whole system approach to supporting leadership of the system to: "Develop effective leadership to integrate and devolve local care and health by 2020".

Our offer this year to achieve this objective is simple and straightforward:

Research and shared learning

Our research includes an annual review of the programme and provides a state of the nation style overview of the current position of HWBs. We are building on this research with shared learning examples from successful HWBs. You will also find publications related to governance, engaging with providers and social media.

Leadership development

Our leadership offer includes Leadership Essentials (co-designed with NHS Clinical Commissioners), 1:1 support for HWB Chairs, induction sessions for new HWB chairs, elected member workshops on health improvement, our annual chairs summit, national networking, and our popular electronic bulletin.


For 16/17 we offer a range of facilitated workshops based on our new tools, or tailored support responsive to local need which can be co-facilitated by experienced local government and health colleagues. We also have a suite of tools designed to be used without facilitation to allow HWBs to reflect on progress and take action to move forward.

Peer challenge

"This year we are working with national partners to develop a new integrated and system wide care and health peer challenge. This will help rationalise the peer challenge offer. We plan to run some pilot peer challenges towards the end of the year. You can still access reports from the Health and Wellbeing System peer challenges done to date."

Useful contacts

Caroline Tapster
Director, Health and Wellbeing System Improvement Programme

Caroline Bosdet
Senior Adviser, Health and Wellbeing System Improvement Programme

Sarah Brown
Programme Support Officer, Health and Wellbeing System Improvement Programme

To arrange for specific support with regards to HWBs email

HWB summit for chairs and vice chairs

22 March 2017

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