Weekly media roundup – 18/10/14 – 24/10/14

This week has seen 1,377 LGA mentions in national, regional, trade, broadcast and online publications including 25 national newspapers, broadcast and online articles.

Scrap ban on term-time holidays

Friday, October 24

Our call that headteachers should be allowed to take a "common sense" approach to allowing families to take their children out of school during term, was covered across all national newspaper and broadcast media. Cllr David Simmonds was interviewed on Radio 4's 'Today Programme', Sky News and BBC News. Cllr Peter Fleming was also interviewed on 'Radio 5 Live' and 14 regional BBC stations. The story also ran in the 'Telegraph', 'Independent',' i paper', 'Express', 'Times', 'Mail', 'Sun', 'Guardian', 'Mirror' and 'BBC Online'. Cllr Simmonds said:

"Ensuring every child has a good school attendance is of paramount concern for everyone working with children. However, common-sense must prevail in cases when mums and dads ask to take their child away during term time if there is a legitimate reason. An outright ban is too simplistic and doesn't recognise that family life and circumstances aren't always so black and white. We shouldn't have a system where family holidays are just for the rich or indeed children aren't able to take time off in light of a family bereavement."

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NHS 'needs extra cash and overhaul'

Thursday, October 23

'The Daily Express' featured the LGA's call for the Government to provide money for local authorities to reward volunteers with a community contribution discount. While setting out the NHS five-year plan, NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens also backed an LGA proposal for volunteers to be rewarded with council tax discounts and suggested a similar scheme could be introduced to reward people who volunteer within the NHS.

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Devo max and giving power to cities will boost UK productivity – thinktank

Wednesday, October 22

The LGA's call for power to be devolved to local areas in England was featured in 'The Guardian'. Cllr David Sparks, LGA Chair, said:

"The huge economic benefits of devolution identified by the Cities Growth Commission are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg. Devolution to cities should be the start of a much bigger and wider process of devolution for the whole of England. People from across the country should benefit from more of the important decisions affecting their lives being made close to where they live, whether home is a big city or a rural area. Across a wide range of issues, there is compelling evidence that taking decisions closer to communities, through councils, achieves better results and saves money."

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Call to look out for vulnerable neighbours this winter

Tuesday, October 21

The LGA was quoted by the 'ITV News' website regarding our call for people to look out for vulnerable residents this winter, part of the LGA's and NHS England's Cold Weather Plan. The story also featured in the 'Express'. Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Chair of the LGA's Community Wellbeing Board, said:

"Soon the cold weather will be setting in and so it's important to be ahead of the curve and start planning now. We need everyone in our communities to be on the look out for signs that something might be wrong."

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Feature: Council asks: so what would you cut?

Monday, October 20

Cllr David Sparks, LGA Chairman, was quoted in 'The Guardian' about cuts to local authority budgets. He said:

"On the surface it appears that local government has been able to make economies through efficiencies and continues to deliver services to a standard that satisfies most people. This disguises the reality that a price has been paid by individuals."

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New minicab law ‘would put women at risk'

Sunday, October 19

The LGA's call for the Government to withdraw plans to relax rules about who can drive licensed minicabs was featured in 'The Independent'.

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Development held back by planning rules, claims HBF

Sunday, October 19

Cllr Peter Box, Chair of the LGA's Environment, Economy, Housing and Transport Board, was quoted in the 'Telegraph' rebutting criticisms of the planning system by the Home Builders Federation. He said more than three-quarters of councils have a published local plan. He added:

"Planning approvals have increased and 88 per cent of planning applications were granted permission last year, which was the highest rate in 10 years."

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Feature: UK's high noon

Sunday, October 19

In a feature on legal highs, 'The Sunday People' references the LGA's recent work on the topic.

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27 October 2014