National Procurement Strategy

This site brings together guidance documents, case study examples of good practice and a host of other resources to enable local government to share with and learn from each other, as well as check their progress against the National Procurement Strategy.

National Technological and Digital Procurement Category Strategy - Consultation

A strategic approach to IT sourcing in councils can ensure better value from technology as well as greater flexibility, avoiding creating future IT legacy challenges from disparate IT solutions, which has become a problem today for many councils.

The challenge for IT procurement is to create the agility and flexibility needed to meet the unprecedented demand for new technology and new ways of using technology in a way which manages risk and does not compromise probity or value.

This category strategy aims to help IT and digital leaders maximise the opportunity of technology to transform local public services, by establishing guidance in key areas and act as a conduit for sharing best practice.

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Energising Procurement: National Energy Procurement Category Strategy - Consultation

The energy sector is evolving rapidly with opportunities emerging for councils to get involved in generating and supplying energy, as well as purchasing it.

Councils are increasingly exploring options for greater independence to increase their own capacities and capabilities within the current rules and regulations of the energy market. Such activities have enabled councils to raise revenues and leverage public-sector borrowing to drive green investment and encourage demand management.

This strategy is designed to provide an overview of these opportunities with ideas for how councils can minimise their costs and maximise the benefits for their local communities through their energy procurement.

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National Procurement strategy for Local Government (PDF)

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