Key links and guidance

Utilising land and property more effectively involves partnership working across public sector bodies, from setting up a public service hub to accessing the NHS estate.

The following section provides guidance, shares useful links and outlines best practice on some of the multiple processes involved:


One Public Estate Pro-forma documents

Schools (PDF)

Government has committed to opening 500 free schools by the end of 2020. To achieve this, the Department for Education (DfE) wants to work closely with local authorities and other public sector bodies in order to find sites and build these new schools.

Public Sector Hubs (PDF)

Information on the different types of public sector hubs, drivers, tips and existing examples.

Property Boards (PDF)

Information on how a public sector property board works including examples from councils on the One Public Estate programme.

Ministry of Defence – accessing the estate (PDF)

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is one of the largest land owners in the UK. The Defence infrastructure Organisation (DIO) is the Ministry of Defence's property and services provider and is responsible for the strategic management of the defence estate.

NHS – accessing the estate (PDF)

Information of the complex nature of NHS land holdings and disposals. The One Public Estate (OPE) programme is working closely with Community Health Partnerships (CHP) to facilitate engagement local authorities participating in the programme. CHP supports commissioners, CCGs, NHS England, GPs and Local Authorities to plan and utilise their estate.

Housing (PDF)

The One Public Estate programme aims to bring together central and local government to rationalise and release assets for economic growth, a key outputs is the release of land for new homes.

18 November 2016