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One Public Estate Updates



One Public Estate: Unlocking the value in public sector assets (February 2017)

Interpreting the new landscape in the context of One Public Estate


NHS land for housing and One Public Estate

Brian Reynolds, One Public Estate Programme Director, talks about the government initiative to encourage partnerships between NHS organisations and councils.


One Public Estate: Invitation to Apply (April 2016)

This application window has now closed.


One Public Estate: Unlocking The Value In Public Sector Assets (Jan 2016)

Interpreting the new landscape. Successes so far and plans for Phase 3.


One Public Estate: Prospectus (July 2015)

This application window has now closed.

One Public Estate: Transforming Property and Services Case Study Booklet (September 2014)

Highlighting successes from the first year of the programme.


United Estates: An evaluation of the Capital and Asset Pathfinders programme (April 2014)

The LGA Capital and Assets Pathfinders (CAP) programme ran from 2010 – 2013. The aim was to test how a customer-centric and place-based approach to asset management could improve local outcomes and generate significant savings on assets and services.


6 March 2017