Young people in discussion

The LGA report, 'Our ambition for children and young people' aims to support a radical rewiring of local public services. It sets out four high level ambitions and groups 'core measures' underneath them.

This is intended to provide a starting point and framework for local discussions with partners about how to join up services for children and young people around their needs and aspirations and how to measure success locally. We hope it will also support integrated commissioning of services focused on outcomes, not service areas.

We recognise that it is not enough to just state these ambitions and that we need to commit to more specific measures of what success would look like. While the LGA is opposed to the imposition of prescriptive top-down targets and score cards, councils in each region are already working together to identify outcome measures that most accurately reflect the priorities in their area.

While there is some variation there is commonality, and we have used these to develop a set of ‘core measures' (see below) presented through LG Inform.

This report is designed to provide a view of the data for these measures to support local conversations between partners about their ambitions, the contribution they can make to achieve them and how success can be measured locally. Registered users of LG Inform can save and adapt their report to support local use.

Our ambition for children and young people (July 2014)

Main report: Our ambition for children and young people

Youth edition: Our ambition for children (PDF, 3 pages 1.7MB large file)

View of core measures for each council (LG Inform)

7 October 2014