Climate change: LGA additional resources

There are a wide range of resources available to help with your climate change journey.

A graphic green city-scape which says climate change hub above

LGA resources

Climate change affect a wide range of local government policy areas. Below you will find links to other parts of the LGA's website which hosts additional, relevant information:

Knowledge Hub Climate Emergency Network

Join the Climate Emergency Knowledge Hub Group, a platform where councils who have declared a climate emergency or made any other type of commitment to reduce carbon and improve the environment can share information and experiences.

Event presentations

Climate emergency conference, 22 January 2020

First magazine articles

LGA First Magazine is a monthly membership magazine for our 18,200 councillors and local authority chief executives in England and Wales.

Please find a published First Magazine article about the benefits for climate change when holding remote council meetings entitled ‘A green silver lining?’, with many thanks to Councillor Liz Green and Councillor Andrew Cooper.