Design in the public sector

Delivered in a partnership between the LGA and the Design Council, the Design in Public Sector programme equips councils with design skills and techniques to apply to their toughest service challenges.

In the latest phase of the programme, 16 councils across England have been selected onto the Design in Public Sector programme to help address complex challenges and improve outcomes for their residents.

Northern cohort

  • Hull City Council – Enhancing the offer for short breaks for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
  • Manchester City Council – Enhancing straight-forward tools and techniques that are available to partners, staff and volunteers in the community to support residents and reducing unnecessary referrals to statutory services.
  • Salford City Council (in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority) – Reducing the waste levy and improving recycling rates across Salford
  • Warrington Borough Council – Developing community based prevention in Warrington for low risk adults to maintain their independence

Southern cohort

  • Camden Council – Improving the lives of residents in a neighbourhood  hit by violent crime through the development of the Safer Camden Network which aims to reduce violence through prevention
  • Cornwall Council – Establishing a policy framework up to 2050 to address climate change and deliver sustainable growth locally
  • Croydon Council – Taking a strength based design approach to design services and processes that support adults with disabilities
  • London Borough Hammersmith and Fulham - Design a model of prevention for youth violence from the earliest signs of children and young people going astray to those being exploited by gangs
  • Lewisham Council (in partnership with Camden Council, Haringey Council, Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster Council) – Developing a ‘Curriculum for London’ to be delivered through training and support to help Londoners to move out of low-paid work, live independently, participate in their communities, and experience increased health and wellbeing
  • Merton Council – Improving domestic violence and abuse referral pathways and service delivery to better support individuals and families
  • Wiltshire Council – Provide clear advice on planning applications to achieve better outcomes for the environment.


The key elements of the programme are:

  • Builds design skills and capabilities within the council and across partners, to improve service outcomes
  • Delivers an accelerated learning experience for local authorities
  • Creates new insights and evidence to generate solutions
  • Enables new ways of working with partners and stakeholders
  • Encourages peer learning and development of regional support networks
  • Funded by the LGA, delivered by Design Council.

Here you will find resources that share the learning and examples of projects that the programme has helped councils with. This is via videos, case studies and blogs.