Case study library and other resources for commissioners

Published case studies relating to commissioning and market shaping for adult social care

Case studies

COVID-19: adult social care commissioning practice resource: We have launched a resource sharing examples of local commissioning activity which support wider adult social care COVID-19 response on the provider market

Manchester - February 2020
Developing an extra care housing resource pack

Lancashire - February 2020
Modernising Supported Housing for adults with disabilities in Lancashire - the development of a county wide delivery plan

Wakefield - January 2020
Encouraging care home staff to get the flu jab

East Midlands ADASS Network group - January 2020
A regional approach to assessing the risk of market failure

Newcastle City Council - December 2019
Housing support services for the elderly

Torbay Council - December 2019
Supporting the elderly through housing

Havering Council - December 2019
Future Accomodation Needs

South Tyneside Council - November 2019
The right place at the right time

Greater Lincolnshire - November 2019
Planning for and delivering to meet the housing needs of an ageing population 

Dorset council - October 2019
Building Better Lives Programme

NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCG - October 2019
Bringing care homes from the periphery in to the system

Wirral Health and Care Comissioning - September 2019
Care home teletriage service

Lincolnshire - September 2019
Care home trusted assessor role

East Surrey CCG- September 2019
East Surrey care homes multi-disciplinary project

Shropshire Council - July 2019
Redesign and Empower the Care Provider market

Torbay Council - May 2019
Risks and value of the care home market

Liverpool City Council - January 2019
Stop & Go Project: connecting technology and social care companies

Hertfordshire County Council - December 2018
Hertfordshire Care Providers Association

London Borough of Havering - October 2018
Exploring digital portability of carer employment checks and training

Nottingham City Council - October 2018
Exploring an outcome-based model for services with adults learning disabilities

London Borough of Haringey - September 2018
Developing a supported-living offer which harnesses assistive technology

Isle of Wight Council - September 2018
Collaboration with care providers - improving quality through relationships

Havering Council - May 2018
The development of a Care Network to support two way information sharing

Arden and Solihull TCP - May 2018
A framework for procuring community supported living

Dorset County Council – August 2017
The RIFT system (Risk, Information, Focus, Themes)

Herefordshire Council – July 2017
Developing a shared commitment to improving the quality of care

Surrey County Council – July 2017
A personalised approach to quality assuring care and support

Birmingham City Council – June 2017
Reshaping the market for extra care sheltered housing and supported living

Gloucestershire County Council – May 2015
Productivity Expert Learning disabilities

General commissioning resources

Integrated Commissioning for Better Outcomes 
The Integrated Commissioning for Better Outcomes Framework 2018 is a practical tool for council and NHS commissioners to support improving outcomes through integrated commissioning.

Quality Matters
Adult Social Care: Quality Matters sets out a single view of quality and a commitment to improvement. It is co-led by partners from across the adult social care sector.

Shifting the Centre of Gravity, LGA, NHS Clinical Commissioners, NHS Confederation and ADASS
The examples in this report show what can be achieved by system leaders and staff from local government, the NHS, the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, and service user and carer groups working together to improve health and deliver person-centred care.

The Art of Change Making 
A compendium of practical guidance and learning on making change in complex systems.

Institute for Government - Public service markets - guide and diagnostic tool 
A set of resources including an online questionnaire-based tool to help identify risk in public service markets. The questionnaire generates a report on the risks and how these may be addressed.

Institute of Public Care Market Shaping Toolkit 
IPC offers a centre for research, evaluation, skills development and system design to support better outcomes. There is a wide range of resources on its site, but uniquely it hosts the market position statements database alongside a set of market shaping resources.

Commisioning and the NHS New Care Models (Vanguard) Programme
Background to the 50 vanguards and how they are developing new care models, with a specific section on commissioning.

Care Markets and Quality Forum 
A reference group to support improvements in the care and support market so that people have a choice of affordable, quality and responsive services in their locality. You can join the forum and access records of its discussions and a whole range of workforce and market tools.

Seven principles for the engagement of individual providers on behalf of the wider independent and voluntary adult social care sector
The Care Provider Alliance’s guidance on engaging with providers, Seven principles for the engagement of individual providers on behalf of the wider independent and voluntary adult social care sector.

CIPFA (2017) From Cost to Price: The Practitioner’s Guide to Commissioning Sustainable Social Care
A guide designed to help councils to engage in informed discussions with care providers about care costs, reasonable efficiencies and the level at which fees are set.

Department of Health (updated 2018) Care and Support Statutory Guidance
Updated guidance on the implementation of the relevant elements of the Care Act, which placed statutory duties on councils to facilitate and shape their market for adult care and support to ensure there is high-quality, personalised care and support available to meet the needs of all people in their area. The guidance also explains the role of market position statements to set out local authorities’ strategies and ambitions and articulate future demand.

Department of Health and Social Care: Market Shaping Pages (updated 2017
Compendium of information about market shaping from a range of different sources.

Institute of Public Care (2018) Let’s Agree to Agree
A toolkit for commissioners and providers of residential and nursing care for older people to assist with the complex process of seeking agreement on the cost of care in their local area. Developed for the Welsh Government, it aims to produce an approach that will assist all parties to provide a sustainable cost model.

Institute of Public Care (2016) Market Shaping Review
During spring 2016 Institute of Public Care (IPC) worked with the sector to identify what works best in market shaping, where and why, and then refreshed or supplemented existing tools and guidance. The MPS guidance and database were updated in early 2019. Other Market Shaping Review products (listed below) of interest will be:

What is Market Shaping? 
This paper explains what market shaping is, who shapes the market and outlines the building blocks of effective market shaping.

Market shaping to support individual purchasing of care
A paper to help you think through what market shaping means in terms of people with personal budgets, direct payments, and self-funders who buy their own care and support

Place-based market shaping: co-ordinating health and social care
Aimed at health and social care commissioners, a paper that explores the importance of developing a place-based approach to shaping the care market

Cross-local authority and regional working on market shaping
A paper that explores when and how to take a regional joint approach to market shaping

Institute of Public Care (2015) Market Shaping toolkit (MaST)
The Market Shaping Toolkit supports both smaller care providers and councils to engage in market shaping, and to work together to develop innovative practice to meet local needs. It highlights good practice in the way that councils and smaller care and support providers collaborate and provide innovative services.

Institute of Public Care (second edition 2015) Understanding the self-funding market in social care: a toolkit for commissioners
This toolkit was produced to help councils ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Care Act, helping them understand their self-funder population so that they can facilitate and shape their local care market to meet the needs of the whole population.

Market position statements: resources

MPS database
The Market Position Statement (MPS) database is searchable by keywords and places so is useful as a one stop shop for providers but also for commissioners to see how others are using MPSs across social care and health.


Home care markets

Top tips for Sustaining Homecare
Homecare, including supported living, is vital for people with care and support needs to live at home, yet it is the most fragile part of the social care market.

Kings Fund Home care in England: views from commissioners and providers

Kings Fund New models of home care

Care home markets

Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) Care Homes Market Study Final report 30 November 2017 
This document is the final report of the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) market study into residential and nursing care homes for older people. Market studies are one of a number of tools at the CMA’s disposal to address competition or consumer protection problems, alongside its enforcement and advocacy activities. They are examinations into the causes of why particular markets may not be working well, taking an overview of regulatory and other economic drivers and patterns of consumer and business behaviour.

Enhanced health in care homes (EHCH)
The EHCH framework was published in September 2016. Visit the NHSE page on EHCH.

Use of digital, technology and data: resources for commissioners

The Care and Health Improvement Programme’s Innovation and Transformation team provides support to councils in areas across design, digital and data. The programme of work includes activity to support commissioners and care providers with data security approaches as well as funding for local areas to deliver and scale up approaches to digital innovation across social care.

Digital Social Care is a dedicated space to provide advice and support to the sector on technology and data protection. The website is run by social care providers for social care providers.

Health and Social care procurement resources for commissioners

The LGA has developed a new National Procurement Strategy for Social Care services and a range of tools for use by local authorities. These will reflect the intent of the Care Act 2014, the Children and Families Act 2014 and Commissioning for Better Outcomes. The Strategy and tools will give procurement officers and commissioners ways to develop integrated commissioning and to develop provider markets in their area.

Carers: resources for commissioners

Supporting carers: guidance and case studies
This publication demonstrates current examples of how councils support adult and young carers locally in a range of different ways from respite breaks to discount cards to tailored information and advice.

Commissioning from the third sector

National Audit Office (NAO) has a specific toolkit on successful commissioning with the third sector
With a whole range of material of efficiency and effectiveness, the NAO has a specific toolkit on successful commissioning with the Third Sector. This includes considerations for decommissioning.

Personalisation for commissioners: resources

Design in Social Care Programme
The Design in Social Care Programme builds service design capabilities and offers practical support to councils, helping them to develop person-focused services across adult social care.

Making it Real 
Making it Real sets out what people who use services expect to see and experience if services are truly personalised. It does this with a whole range of support materials including videos, case studies and presentations.

Health Foundation – person centred care resource centre 
A collection of learning and other resources from the foundation, or recommended sources.

In Control – Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET) 
In Control pioneered self-directed support and has a range of product and partnership offers to work to further develop personalisation. With Lancaster University, it developed an outcomes framework to measure what is working or not in personalised care.

NHS Personal Health Budgets Learning Network 
A membership based learning network open to those developing personal health budgets. Membership is free, but applications are reviewed.

Wellbeing Our Way – National Voices’ WOW Exchange 
A space for the third sector and community groups to exchange examples on how they are supporting people to live well.

Social Care Institute for Excellence – personalisation guides 
The Rough Guide contains a set of written and video resources aimed at developing best practice in personalised care and support.

Housing and care resources for commissioners

Extra care Housing Resource Pack for Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership Housing Lin: December 2019
This resource pack, produced on behalf of the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership, is intended to be used by its locality partners when considering commissioning extra care housing schemes.

Housing for older and disabled people
This guidance from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government guides councils in preparing planning policies on housing for older and disabled people.

Housing our Ageing Population Report: LGA 
Written by the Housing LIN for the LGA, this report sets out in detail what is required to meet the housing needs of our ageing population and how councils around the country are innovating to support older people to live in their homes for longer and promote positive ageing.

Memorandum of Understanding on improving health and care through the home 
Over 25 stakeholders (including LGA, ADASS, PHE, Housing LIN, DHSC, Skills for Care) share this renewed commitment to joint action across government, health, social care and housing sectors to improving health through the home. This includes the conditions for developing integrated and effective services to meet the needs of individuals, carers and families with a range of local stakeholders.

Housing for Older People Supply Recommendations (HOPSR) and Extra Care Demand Assessor (ECDA)
Housing for Older People Supply Recommendations (HOPSR) is a new tool to help local authorities understand the requirements for older people's housing in their area.

The Extra Care Demand Assessor (ECDA) builds on the work above to provide localized assessments of demand for Extra Care housing. It helps housing professionals, planners and developers understand whether a future Extra Care scheme in a specific location is required. It also enables users to test different scenarios relating to population change and the development of other extra care housing in the area.

Housing for older and disabled people from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government guides councils in preparing planning policies on housing for older and disabled people.

The LGA Housing Commission Housing Report: Building our homes, communities and future has a useful section about putting housing at the heart of integrated social care.

Provider failure resources for commissioners

Please visit the markets and commissioning market sustainability and contigency planning page.

Safeguarding for commissioners

LGA Making Safeguarding Personal: for commissioners
Commissioners and providers across the health and social care sectors play a critical part in safeguarding adults, both on the front line and at a strategic level, as partners on safeguarding adults boards.

Making Safeguarding Personal for commissioners and providers of health and social care
This briefing is designed to reinforce and build on earlier work on good practice when making safeguarding personal for health and social care commissioners and providers.

Complaints for commissioners: resources

Healthwatch social care complaints toolkit 
An appendix to the July 2017 complaints toolkit for local Healthwatch which focuses on social care.

Caring about complaints: lessons from our independent care provider investigations Focus report: learning lessons from complaints March 2019, Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman 
Complaints can be a cost-effective way to drive improvements. This report gives practical examples of where to look for them, based on the real experiences of people who have complained.

Commissioning out of area care and support services

Commissioning Out of Area Care and Support Services: Advice note for Directors of Adult Social Services
ADASS and LGA Advice note for Directors of Adult Social Services on recommended ways of working for local authorities that are responsible for commissioning services (placing authorities) for adults with social care needs who are in out of area care and support services

Ordinary residence guide: determining local authority responsibilities under the Care Act and the Mental Health Act 
This guide is applicable to all adults whose care is commissioned in an area that is different from where they hold ordinary residence, including those whose services are governed by the Mental Health Act.

Resources for councillors about commissioning

The LGA has published a councillor workbook on commissioning services

The LGA’s e-Learning hub for councillors includes an online course on commissioning of service for councillors

Websites of useful organisations

National Innovation Centre for Ageing at Newcastle University
Set up in 2014, the UK's National Innovation Centre for Ageing is a world-leading organisation, created with a £40 million investment from UK Government and Newcastle University.

UK Government 
Background information on the roles and responsibilities of local councils and of local councils

The Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC formally PSSRU)
The Care Policy and Evaluation Centre is an international research centre working mainly in the areas of long-term care (social care), mental health, developmental disabilities and other health issues. Until June 2019 it was known as the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the LSE.

GOV.UK market shaping web pages 
A document to help people and organisations understand adult social care market shaping and how to take action.

Newcastle University and Collaborate 
Collaborate and Newcastle University are working on new cultures and working practices that help commissioners to better understand and improve lives. As well as publications, they are beginning to build a support and discussion network, online and arrange meetings for debate.

NHS England Clinical Commissioning Groups
NHSE information on roles and responsibilities of CCGs.

The King's Fund
The King’s Fund is an independent charity working to make the best health and care system for all. It has a huge range of resources, publications and events. These are organised around topics across leadership, policy, people, and services. The theme on integrated care contains a range of case studies around a map of integrated practice.

Housing LIN (Learning and Improvement Network) 
The Housing LIN is a free peer-to-peer professional network that exemplifies innovative housing solutions for older and disabled people.

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) 
TLAP is a national partnership supporting the transformation of health and care through personalisation and community-based support. It has a large range of publications, case studies and videos in an extensive resource bank as well as a set of projects based materials including Building Community Capacity.

Institute of Public Care (IPC)
IPC offer a centre for research, evaluation, skills development and system design to support better outcomes. There is a wide range of resources on its site, but uniquely it hosts the market position statements database alongside a set of market shaping resources.

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)
ADASS is a charity and the association aims to further the interests of people in need of social care by promoting high standards of social care services and influencing the development of social care legislation and policy. The membership is drawn from serving directors of adult social care employed by local authorities. Associate members are past directors and our wider membership includes deputy and assistant directors. Visit the ADASS commissioning page.

National Audit Office (NAO) 
With a whole range of material of efficiency and effectiveness, the NAO has a specific toolkit on successful commissioning with the Third Sector. This includes considerations for decommissioning.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
NICE provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care and has specific pages related to adult social care guidance.

National Voices
A coalition of health and social care charities in England, formed in 2008. It has more than 150 organisations in membership, representing a diverse range of health conditions. It plays a prominent role in representing patients and service users with national policy makers.

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) 
SCIE is an improvement support agency and an independent charity working with adults’, families’ and children’s care and support services across the UK, and related services such as health care and housing.

Leadership for Change: the Local Vision programme 
The programme had three overall aims:

  • to assist in the development of a solution to a local ‘wicked’ / intractable issue through leadership development. 
  • to ensure that the leadership learning locally can be used to help address other issues.
  • to looking across the local projects, draw together lessons and learning about the required leadership behaviours and development that will help resolve future wicked issues.

Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU)
The PSSRU is one of the leading social care research groups, not just in the UK, but internationally. Since its establishment, PSSRU has had considerable impact on national social care policy in the UK and in a number of other countries. The PSSRU’s mission is to conduct high quality research on social and health care to inform and influence policy, practice and theory.

The PSSRU was established at the University of Kent at Canterbury in October 1974 by Professor Bleddyn Davies. In 1996, two additional branches of the PSSRU were established at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the University of Manchester. As a result of funding changes PSSRU at Manchester is in effect now a separate entity from PSSRU at Kent. PSSRU LSE has now become The Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC)

Useful sources of data

Markets and modelling project
As part of the Care and Health Improvement Programme's (CHIP) work on commissioning and market shaping, the Markets and Modelling Project is designed to support councils, sub-regions and regions, to better understand the local care market.

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF)
The latest data for each local authority against the outcomes in the framework.

Public Health Outcomes Framework 
A national data set on healthy lives and life expectancy between communities that can be looked at by local authority area.

The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS)
The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) is an online data collection service that covers the adult social care workforce in England. It was previously known as the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC). It's the leading source of workforce information for the whole adult social care sector. Social care employers open accounts and enter worker information into the ASC-WDS. Users can download key reports and access a data visualisation tool. Councils can analyse the adult social care workforce at local authority level.

LG Inform
LG Inform brings together a range of key performance contextual and financial data for authorities, in an online tool.

Learning and development and career pathways in commissioning

Skills for Care
This Skills for Care page and guide gives more information about working in a commissioning role or team. Read about the types of activities commissioners do on a daily basis and the potential career pathways

Skills for Care Commissioning for Wellbeing qualification
This qualification has been developed to support current and aspiring commissioners in achieving a rich, diverse and sustainable market of provision. It will also help ensure that personalised support and care is available where, how and when it is needed. There is now an opportunity to undertake the qualification with a learning disability and autism focus, in partnership with Bespoke Consultancy Education, following a successful pilot in 2020 in the South West of England. This opportunity is now available across the rest of England for commissioners and other professionals involved in commissioning services for people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

The Commissioning Academy
The Cabinet Office and its partners developed the Commissioning Academy as a unique development programme for senior leaders from all parts of the public sector. It is designed to equip a small group of professionals to tackle the challenges facing public services, take up new opportunities and commission the right outcomes for their communities. The academy is now run by a social enterprise the Public Service Transformation Academy.There are also publications aimed at giving commissioners tools, techniques and confidence.