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This monthly publication keeps you informed of key issues and developments in research impacting on, or of interest to, local government.

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The bulletin brings together the work of the LGA and also features relevant publications from the wider research community. The information in this bulletin is grouped under themed areas. This publication is produced by LGA Research and Information and we provide high quality analysis and research across all aspects of local government.

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July 2022 Analysis and Research Bulletin

Welcome to the Local Government Association (LGA) Analysis and Research Bulletin.

This comprehensive monthly publication keeps you informed about key issues and developments in research impacting on local government.

Health and social care

Adult social care in England, monthly statistics: 28 June 2022

These Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) experimental statistics provide information on a range of topics including infection control measures, vaccinations and COVID-19 testing in adult social care settings in England in June 2022.

Public opinions and social trends, Great Britain: 22 June to 3 July 2022

This Office for National Statistics (ONS) publication provides social insights on daily life and events in Great Britain between 22 June and 3 July 2022, including impacts on health, well-being and the cost of living from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey.

Disabled people's experiences with activities, goods and services in the UK

This ONS publication examines the experiences of disabled people across the UK with access and engagement to private sector activities, goods and services.

A community-powered NHS

This New Local Government Network (NLGN) report considers the benefits of moving towards a healthcare system focused as much on preventing illness as treating it and working collaboratively with communities as equal partners in the design and delivery of healthcare.

Not heating, eating or meeting bills: managing a cost of living crisis on a low income

This new Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) research looks at the situation of the poorest 40 per cent of households at the time that the Government announced details of its cost of living support package in May 2022.

Education and young people

Form and function: exploring structural change in children’s services

This research conducted for LGA by Isos Partnership, aims to understand the lessons learnt by those councils that have undertaken large-scale structural change of children’s services, and to identify the key building blocks that ensure high quality services for children, young people and families in this context.

Improving children and young people’s mental health services

This briefing from The Health Foundation presents analysis about children and young people’s mental health. The analysis from local teams across England, Scotland and Wales has highlighted three key areas for investigation, to help ensure children and young people receive the care they need.

Attendance in education and early years settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: 23 March 2020 to 21 July 2022, England

These Department for Education (DfE) statistics provide a summary of attendance in education settings between 23 March 2020 and 21 July 2022 in England.

Family court statistics quarterly: January to March 2022

These Ministry of Justice (MoJ) statistics provide details on the volume of cases dealt with by family courts in England and Wales over time, with statistics also broken down for the main types of case involved.

Provision for children under five in England: January 2022

These provision for children under five in England DfE statistics provide information about early education and childcare entitlements for children under five years of age in the state-funded, private, voluntary and independent sectors in England.

Participation in education, training and employment: 2021, England

These participation in education, training and employment DfE statistics provide national participation figures in education, training and employment for 16 to 18 year olds in England at the end of 2021.

Post-16 education outcomes by ethnicity in England

This post-16 education outcomes by ethnicity in England DfE report considers the evidence on education outcomes by ethnicity across the post-16 education system in England.

Inequalities in GCSE results across England and Wales

This inequalities in GCSE results across England and Wales report from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) considers the impact of educational inequalities across England and Wales.

National pupil projections: 2022 to 2030, England

This National pupil projections DfE statistical release provides national projections for the number of pupils in schools by type of school and age group in England.

Pupil moves during secondary school 2015 to 2020, England

These pupil moves during secondary school 2015 to 2020 DfE statistics provide an analysis of moves and characteristics of pupils in state-funded secondary schools in England, expected to finish Year 11 between 2015 and 2020.

Further education and skills – Academic Year 2020/21, England

These further education and skills DfE statistics provide further education and skills summary data, including apprenticeships and adult further education for the 2020/2021 academic year in England.


Transport use during the COVID-19 pandemic – Great Britain from 1 March 2020 to 18 July 2022

This Department for Transport (DfT) data release, provides statistics on transport use by mode produced in order to monitor the use of the transport system during the pandemic, from 1 March 2020 up to 18 July 2022.

Travel time measures for the Strategic Road Network (SRN) and local ‘A’ roads: April 2021 to March 2022 - England

These DfT travel time measures provide information for the SRN and on locally managed ‘A’ roads for the year ending March 2022.

Average speed, delay and reliability of travel times : April 2021 to March 2022 - England

These DfT average speed, delay and reliability of travel time statistics provide information on the average speed, delay and reliability of travel times on the Strategic Road Network (SRN) and local 'A' roads between April 2021 to March 2022 in England.

Quarterly bus statistics: January to March 2022, Great Britain

These DfT quarterly bus statistics provide information on local bus passenger journeys and fares in Great Britain for January to March 2022.

Travel behaviour, attitudes and social impact of COVID-19 – November 2021, England

This travel behaviour, attitudes and social impact of COVID-19 DfT study provides information about the travel behaviour of people during and following the coronavirus pandemic in November 2021 in England.

Rural transport, travel and accessibility statistics in 2020 -  England

These Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) statistics provide information on transport, travel and access to services in rural and urban areas in England during 2020.

Taxi and private hire vehicle statistics in 2022 – England and Wales

These taxi and private hire vehicle DfT statistics provide details of the number of licensed taxis and private hire vehicles in England and Wales at the end of March 2022.


UK and England's carbon footprint 2001 to 2019

These annual Defra statistics provide details of greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions relating to UK and England consumption between 2001 and 2019.

Energy trends: UK renewables, January to March 2022

These Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) statistics provide data on the UK’s renewables sector, including capacity, electricity generation and liquid biofuels consumption between January and March 2022.

Agriculture in the UK 2021

This agriculture in the UK 2021 Defra publication provides an overview of agriculture in the UK in 2021.

ENV23 - UK statistics on waste

These Defra statistics on waste provide a 2022 update on the generation and management of UK waste, including the contributions made by various sectors.

Electric vehicle charging device statistics: April to June 2022

These DfT electric vehicle charging statistics provide information on the number of publicly available electric vehicle charging devices in the UK between April and June 2022.

Household energy efficiency statistics, headline release - March 2022 – England, Scotland and Wales

This BEIS release provides information on household energy efficiency statistics in England, Scotland and Wales as at March 2022.

Local government

New performance management tools for councils: guide for officers

LGA’s new online guidance and resources on performance management in local government will support officers and elected members to learn more about performance management and how it can help councils to, for example, work more productively in partnerships or improve their engagement with residents.

Local government financial statistics England 2016 to 2022

This Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) compendium publication provides an overview of local government finance data in England covering the period 2016 to 2022.

Trust in Government UK: 2022

These ONS experimental statistics are part of an international study coordinated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This bulletin summarises the UK specific results on people's trust in government and institutions, opinions of public services and attitudes toward political issues.

LG Inform updates:

LG Inform Health and Wellbeing report: updated with new data on adult obesity

The health and wellbeing of local areas has never been more important and tackling obesity is one of the greatest long-term health challenges currently faced in England. LG Inform contains a wealth of health data to support councils in understanding key issues and new data has now been added from the Office of Health Improvement and Disparities on the percentage of adults (aged 18+) classified as obese.

The number of obese adults has gradually increased from 22.7 per cent in 2015/16. Now, across England, the percentage of adults classified as obese in 2020/21 is 25.3 per cent.

Regional variation shows that London has the smallest percentage of obese adults at 19.5 per cent, whereas the North East has 32.3 per cent of adults classified as obese.

For details about you area, see this new data. For a wider view of Health and Wellbeing in your area, this LG Inform report has all the details.

For more information, contact: lginform@local.gov.uk.

LG Inform Workforce Benchmarking Club Collection window 2021/22 and Q1 2022/23

The LGA Workforce Benchmarking Club collection window for 2021/22 and 2022/23 Quarter 1 data is now open. The deadline for entering data is Friday 19 August. The LG Inform team are really encouraged by the numbers of councils who share data via the benchmarking exercise last quarter. 

If you are not sure if your local authority already provides data or you would like to know who the primary contact for your local authority is, please email lginform@local.gov.uk

To view our most recent benchmarking reports please visit: 

LGA Workforce Benchmarking report – 2020/21

LGA Workforce Benchmarking report – Q4 2021/22

You will need to be signed into LG Inform to view the reports.

If you know of anyone else who would be interested in taking part please contact lginform@local.gov.uk and we can send them more information.

Metrics added to LG Inform this month include:

Budgeted Revenue Accounts - England

Local authority net current expenditure on services is budgeted to be £108.3 billion in 2022-23. The largest increases in budgeted service expenditure were 

Available Geographies: Combined authority – Country – County – District - Fire authority - London borough - Metropolitan District - National park - Police force - Proposed authority - Regional Government - Regional park catchment area – Unitary - Waste authority 

Local police recorded crime data - England

There were 71,064 bicycle theft offences recorded in the twelve months ending quarter one 2022, an increase of 2,468 from 68,596 in the previous quarter. This data is based on rolling calendar quarter covering 12 months.   

Explore more crime statistics

Available Geographies: Country – County – District - London borough - Metropolitan District – Region - Unitary 

Employment, pay and workforce

NHS workforce projections 2030-31

This report from The Health Foundation provides projections of future NHS workforce supply and demand in England, up to 2030/2031.

Regional patterns in homeworking

This ONS regional patterns in homeworking publication provides an analysis of changes in regional homeworking patterns since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Understanding recent falls in self-employment in the UK

Self-employment in the UK has fallen since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. This ONS article explores changes in the characteristics and composition of self-employed workers and flows out of self-employment to other economic activity statuses and includes data from 2019 onwards.

Alternative Claimant Count statistics January 2013 to May 2022 – England, Scotland and Wales

These Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) official experimental statistics provide information on the number of people claiming unemployment related benefits and estimates of the proportion in-work.


Rural economic bulletin – June 2022

This Defra quarterly bulletin is a 'dashboard' of indicators designed to provide evidence on the rural economy as at June 2022.

International trade in UK nations, regions and cities: 2020

These ONS experimental statistics provide information on the estimated value of exports and imports of goods and services in 2020 for International Territory Levels one, two and three, and 16 city regions.

UK overseas trade in goods statistics: May 2022

These HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) UK overseas trade statistics (OTS)  provide data detailing international trade in goods at summary product and country level for May 2022.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) monthly estimate, UK: May 2022

These ONS statistics provide a monthly estimate of GDP in the UK for May 2022.

Online shopping, hobbies and habits - how our spending has changed since the start of the pandemic

This ONS article on online shopping, hobbies and habits, considers how restrictions during lockdowns impacted where people could spend their money, pushing up the proportion of online retail sales to an all-time high. This article analyses RSI, CHAPS, and Revolut data to explore what people were spending their money on from 2020 onwards and whether that spending has changed since the end of restrictions.

UK regional trade in goods statistics: first quarter 2022

These HMRC UK regional trade in goods statistics provide information on international trade in goods data at summary product and country level, by UK regions and devolved administrations for the first quarter of 2022.

Economic activity and social change in the UK, real-time indicators: 21 July 2022

This ONS early experimental data and analysis provides information on economic activity and social change in the UK as at 21 July 2022.


Hard to decarbonise social homes

This report from the LGA and the National Housing Federation examines the decarbonisation of social homes, looks at why some are harder to decarbonise than others and explores the changes required to make hard to treat social homes easier to decarbonise.

The English Housing Survey

The English Housing Survey is a continuous national survey commissioned by DLUHC. It collects information about people’s housing circumstances and the condition and energy efficiency of housing in England. Each year initial results are published in a headline report at the beginning of the year. This is followed by a series of more detailed reports released in the summer.

English Housing Survey, 2020 to 2021: energy

This report focuses on the energy efficiency of the English housing stock.

English Housing Survey, 2020 to 2021: feeling safe from fire

Report on the extent to which people feel safe from fires in their homes.

English Housing Survey, 2020 to 2021: housing quality and condition

Report on the quality of housing in England.

English Housing Survey, 2020 to 2021: older people's housing

Report on the housing circumstances of older people in England.

English Housing Survey, 2020 to 2021: owner occupier leaseholders

This report provides a profile of English leaseholders.

English Housing Survey, 2020 to 2021: private rented sector

Report on the housing circumstances and characteristics of private renters in England.

English Housing Survey, 2020 to 2021: social rented sector

Report on the characteristics and circumstances of social renters in England.

Leasehold dwellings, 2020 to 2021

These official statistics from DLUHC provide an estimate of the number of leasehold dwellings in England, by tenure, dwelling type and region.

Rural housing statistics – England, 2004/05 to 2020/21

These Defra rural housing statistics provide information on housing stock, affordability, homelessness, and homebuilding in rural and urban areas in England from 2004/05 up to 2020/21.


Criminal court statistics quarterly: January to March 2022 – England and Wales

These Ministry of Justice (MoJ) statistics provide information on the type and volume of cases received and processed through the criminal court system of England and Wales, between January and March 2022, and include information on case timeliness, the use of language interpreter and translation services in courts and tribunals.

Crime outcomes in England and Wales – year ending March 2022

These Home Office statistics provide details of outcomes assigned to offences recorded from April 2021 to March 2022 in England and Wales and the total number of outcomes recorded, by outcome type and offence type.

Police use of firearms statistics, England and Wales: April 2021 to March 2022

These Home Office statistics provide information on the police use of firearms in England and Wales in the year ending March 2022.

Police funding for England and Wales 2015 to 2023

This Home Office publication brings together previously published police funding figures for England and Wales into a single publication for the last eight years.

Rural crime statistics – England, up to 2021

These Defra statistics provide crime figures in rural and urban areas of England up to 2021.

Regular publications and events

Compendium Mortality Consultation 2022

This NHS Digital consultation outlines the proposal to stop producing the compendium mortality publication. You can find detailed proposal and the rational in the consultation itself.

The consultation can be found in Resources section on the publication page, as well as through this link. Views on the proposed changes are welcomed and please provide responses by 14 September 2022.

LG Inform and LG Inform Plus webinar programme to September 2022 now available

The LG Inform and LG Inform Plus programme of free webinars for the August to September 2022 period is available.

To book a place and discover more about the data, report writing and the various modules on offer visit the online training page for more details and how to book.

If you would like something more tailored to your needs, contact lginformplus@local.gov.uk

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