Queen's Speech (October 2019): on-the-day briefing

The Queen today set out the Government’s agenda for the next Parliamentary session. This briefing details the new Bills of relevance to local government and outlines our local government priorities. 

LGA key messages:

  • #CouncilsCan: We have called for a new settlement for local government to empower councils to transform their local areas. In this Queen’s Speech, the Government has bought forward proposals in response to some of the issues the LGA has highlighted on behalf of councils. We now need a long term settlement that gives local government the powers, funding and certainty to transform their areas.
  • Devolution: It is encouraging that today’s Queen’s Speech has signalled a renewed energy in favour of English devolution. Taking decisions over how to run local services closer to where people live is key to improving them and saving money. With no new devolution deals agreed in two years, councils will now look to work with Government on how to kick-start this process in a way that works for all areas.
  • Brexit: Councils are working to help their communities prepare for Brexit. They are as prepared as they can be, but information and resource gaps remain. EU funding has been critical for councils and others in creating jobs, supporting small and medium enterprises, delivering skills, building infrastructure and boosting local growth in all types of areas across the country. The detail of the UK replacement (UKSPF) and quantum of funding remains an outstanding concern and progress needs to be made urgently.
  • Health and social care: The announcement that the Government will finally bring forward proposals to reform adult social care is an LGA priority. The Government’s proposals need to be substantive.

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