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Nutrient pollution and nutrient neutrality
PAS held two events in July 2021 to examine the challenge of nutrient pollution, looking to how to manage nutrient neutrality and minimise the risk of this occuring around Natura 2000 sites. Information and presentations are available on the PAS past events page.

New Publication – Improving the Governance of Developer Contributions

In preparation of the planning reforms now is a good time to review how effective you are in your governance of developer contributions. To help in July 2021 we published a guidance handbook on improving the governance of developer contributions which brings together practical learning from councils focussing on how the whole system should work to deliver necessary infrastructure. It also includes a self-assessment toolkit for councils. 

GDPR and Local Planning Authorities
In June 2021 we replaced our interim guide with a final version. It has been a bit of an epic journey but we are grateful to the many people and organisations who helped us make a guide to managing data in LPAs. It's unlikely to be too long before we have to pick it up again but for now its finished.  
Biodiversity Net Gain and the Environment Bill
In May and June 2021, PAS ran events for planners and councillors to launch our Defra project. The slideshows from these workshops are now available on the PAS Environment page
Local Plan Gateway Review
Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are required to have an up to date local plan in place by the end of 2023 or face government sanction/intervention. The planning system is in the middle of substantial change and PAS has created a "Gateway Review" - to help LPAs weigh up the best options for getting their local plan 'to the line'.
Infrastructure Funding Statements - A step-by-step guide and sample template
In December 2020 councils have to report for the first time on Section 106 contributions, and for those that charge the Community Infrastructure Levy the reporting requirements have changed slightly too. We have put together a guide and even a video to help you understand what you must report and what you should report. 
Coronavirus - Resources and Information (last updated 26th Nov 2020)
Visit our COVID-19 and planning page. It includes an FAQ, links to all of the Government’s latest updates, guides, regulations and Statutory Instruments as well as PAS guidance and protocols for running virtual planning committees. In the works is something on using new digital approaches to consultation and public engagement more broadly.  

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