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Local Plan Gateway Review
Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are required to have an up to date local plan in place by the end of 2023 or face government sanction/intervention. The planning system is in the middle of substantial change and PAS has created a "Gateway Review" - to help LPAs weigh up the best options for getting their local plan 'to the line'.
Infrastructure Funding Statements - A step-by-step guide and sample template
In December 2020 councils have to report for the first time on Section 106 contributions, and for those that charge the Community Infrastructure Levy the reporting requirements have changed slightly too. We have put together a guide and even a video to help you understand what you must report and what you should report. 
Coronavirus - Resources and Information (last updated 26th Nov 2020)
Visit our COVID-19 and planning page. It includes an FAQ, links to all of the Government’s latest updates, guides, regulations and Statutory Instruments as well as PAS guidance and protocols for running virtual planning committees. In the works is something on using new digital approaches to consultation and public engagement more broadly.  
GDPR and Local Planning Authorities
In May 2018 PAS worked with a group of practitioners and partners to make a guide to managing data in LPAs. It has been published as an interim while we work on a more complete guide. Unfortunately the guide has been delayed until later in 2020 while some details are sorted out. 

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