We run our discussion forum in a group on the Knowledge Hub. The Knowledge Hub is a cross-sector, digital collaboration platform dedicated to improving public service and producing social value. It provides its members with space to discuss issues, ask questions, share practice and develop innovation.

Find all the latest discussions in the PAS forum on the Knowledge Hub


  • If you were registered with the PAS website before July 2014, you should be able to sign in to the Knowledge Hub using the same email address and password.
  • If you are not currently registered on the PAS website, or you have registered since July 2014, you will need to register on the Knowledge Hub separately.
PLEASE NOTE: if you experience any difficulty signing in or registering on the Knowledge Hub, please contact: for help.

How to find us



  • If you're already a member of the PAS group, you can sign in and start contributing straight away. The easiest way to get to the group is from your home page – you'll see PAS listed in your ‘My groups' list on the right hand side.


Posting on the forum

When you arrive in the PAS group, you'll see all the most recent activity right there on the group home page. Click on the forum tab to find more discussions.
To contribute to the forum, you must be signed in. Here's how to ask and respond to questions in the forum:
  • Start a new discussion by clicking ‘post new thread'. It's a good idea to check whether someone else has already started a similar conversation that you could get involved with before you post something new. Use the ‘recent posts' link to see all the most recent conversations.


  • Publish your discussion by adding a title, some ‘body' text and some tags – relevant key words relating to your post. Then click 'publish' to add your discussion to the forum.


  • Change the default forum view using the icons at the top right of the discussion.
  • Respond to someone else's question by clicking ‘reply'.


Get forum updates by email

  • Receive immediate updates by email about new posts within one particular discussion, or within one forum category by clicking ‘send updates'.
  • Click ‘stop updates' in the same place to turn off these notifications.


Manage your notifications

  • Go to your home page and select ‘My notifications'.


  • Select groups on the left hand side.
  • Select the frequency with which you wish to receive notifications from the PAS group: immediate, daily, weekly.
  • Click save to keep your preferences.


Other useful features

  • Attach files to your discussions using the box at the bottom of your post – it's just like attaching a document to an email.
  • Add an image to your discussion using the relevant icon in the text editor.
  • Embed a video in your discussion using the relevant icon in the text editor.


  • Add a discussion to your favourites, so you can easily get back to it next time you log in. (You'll find a list of all your favourites in your home page. Just click on ‘My favourites'.)



As a reminder, please contact for help.