Upcoming Events

We run event series that are focussed on developing the skills you need to be a better planner or councillor involved in planning. Our in person events have stopped for the forseeable future, and instead we are thinking about how to run things online.

1 month to go - Virtual workshops on preparing your 2020 Housing Delivery Test Action Plan 

Building on the workshop support that we have offered over the last year we will be hosting a series of virtual forums in June and July for Councils who are preparing a Housing Delivery Test Action Plan ready for the August 2020 deadline. 

This is a new approach to how we continue to provide support to Councils during the current COVID-19 pandemic and we are aiming for the sessions to be small and interactive. We will focus on where you are with your Action Plan preparation looking at the issues that should be included, lessons learnt and sharing of ideas on what sort of interventions might work. We will also have the opportunity to consider any challenges you are facing in the preparation of your action plan including the implications and uncertainties of COVID-19 on this area of work. 

These workshops are for councils scoring below 95% in the Housing Delivery Test. 

To find out more information on the dates and times of these workshops and to book a place please click here

March 2020 - A message to our customers 

We have always been very proud of our events. They brought planners together and allowed them time and space to think through new problems. However spaces were limited and many people struggled to get approval even to buy train fares. 

We are taking some time out to think about how we can deliver the value of one our events remotely. We don't want to lose the interactivity, and genuine engagement is critical because we learn as much from you as you do from us. Expect it to be a little while until we get it right. 

You can see our first attempt to convert something that had been intended to be an event ("So you want to fix your housing land supply?") as a youtube clip. It was intended to be a "fireside chat" between Richard and Shelly, accompanied by a set of materials and cribsheets we made available in the KHub. Any advice or help you can offer will be gratefully received - we are not proud so if you find someone else doing great work let us know