The LGA is a cross party organisation and its decision-making arrangements are politically balanced, reflecting the combined political composition of the authorities within its membership.

This section contains information on the LGA's political balance, its four political groups and how these groups appoint to their allocation of seats. It includes information on forthcoming local elections which will impact on the LGA's political balance, along with advice for councils during an election period.  

Governance: Political balance

Political balance

The LGA's political balance is defined by the outcome of the English and Welsh local elections each year. Following the elections, the LGC Elections Centre at the University of Plymouth provides the Association with the definitive figures for the LGA's proportionality .

Governance: Political groups

Political groups

There are four political groups at the Local Government Association (LGA) – Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Independent. Find out more about who they are, how they operate and what support they offer.

Governance: Political group appointments

Political group appointments

Each political group has its own appointment process. Access key contact information for your political group officer here.


Governance: Elections


This section includes details of when different types of authorities are due to hold local elections and guidance on the purdah period.