A range of LGA programmes to help your council make efficiency savings and generate income.


Productivity expert programme

A programme that provides funding to councils so that you can engage an expert to deliver efficiency savings and generate income.

Shared services map

A map showing shared services arrangements occurring between councils across the country.

Procurement resources

Advice on commissioning services, including a link to our dedicated procurement website.

Commissioning academy

A two-day learning programme for councillors involved in commissioning services.

Demand management

The LGA has created an online resource which brings together a number of documents, case studies and guidance. These set out what demand management is, where councils can apply it, some of the tools and techniques to use and a series of case studies. 


Guidance and support for councils on the increasingly important area of income generation.

Health and social care efficiency

Developing a more sustainable model for health and care founded on the principles of keeping people healthy, keeping people independent in their own homes in their community and keeping people in control of their care.

Economic growth adviser

An LGA programme where an expert is commissioned for up to 14 days to advise your council on local economic growth initiatives. Apply here.

Public land and property

Information on how your council can release value from publlc sector owned land and property, including information on LGA and Cabinet Office's joint programme, One Public Estate.

Transforming public services using digital tools cover


Supporting local government to maximise the customer benefits and cost savings that can be generated from exploiting the potential of modern digital tools, technologies and approaches in local public services.

Waste and energy

The LGA Productivity Programme has sought to pursue innovative approaches to demand management in both waste and energy fields.