Trading standards, environmental health and licensing teams work hard to support local businesses by helping to explain complex legislation and cut through the red tape associated with regulation.

Their work is fundamental to creating a level playing field in which responsible businesses can flourish and local communities remain protected from rogues.

Councils take a risk-based approach to working with industry, which ensures that resource is focused on working with higher risk activities and non-compliant businesses.

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Media releases and news

Community safety

Maximum stakes on fixed odds betting machines needs reducing, councils urge

26 April 2016

Councils are urging that the Government should take action to reduce the maximum stakes on Fixed Odds Betting Machines (FOBTs) to lower the risk of harm caused by playing on the gaming machines, on which players can lose £300 a minute.

Community safety

New warning about dangerous DIY teeth whitening kits

2 April 2016

Dangerous DIY teeth whitening kits containing bleaching agents that massively exceed the maximum legal levels are putting people's health at risk, councils are warning.

Community safety

National alert over dangerous skin lightening creams

9 January 2016

Shoppers are being warned about highly toxic skin lightening creams – likened to paint stripper - which put users at a greater risk of cancer.


Parents warned to be vigilant for rogue tattooists as councils crack down

15 August 2015

Parents are being warned to be vigilant for children and teenagers visiting rogue tattooists and buying kits over the internet as part of a celebrity-fueled craze for 'inking'.

Community safety

Call by councils for uniform licensing of ‘novelty' vehicles to allay safety fears

8 August 2015

Discover why there is a need to update and standardise regulations on 'novelty vehicles' like party buses, limousines and rickshaws.

Briefings, responses and articles

LGA response to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act 2003

In addition to giving oral evidence, the LGA has provided written evidence to the House of Lords enquiry into the effectiveness of the Licensing Act 2003.

Licensing Act 2003 Fees Survey Results

The Licensing Act 2003 has had fixed national fees since it was introduced – set by central government. The LGA has consistently argued that there is a shortfall between fee income and the costs incurred by councils in administering the 2003 Act, and believes that fees should be set locally.

LGA trading standards review: discussion paper

As part of its trading standards review, the LGA has published a short discussion paper in advance of a workshop of the review stakeholder group.

Rewiring Licensing: the state of our online offer

The LGA has conducted a survey on council usage of online licensing application forms, encompassing both in-house and GOV.UK approaches. The survey has captured key barriers and opportunities to an improved online licensing offer.

LGA response to Gambling Commission consultation on revised guidance to licensing authorities.

The LGA has responded to the Gambling Commission's consultation on its revised guidance to licensing authorities.

Model Enforcement Guidance – plastic bag charging

Defra has produced model enforcement guidance for councils to use in relation to the new plastic bag charges.

Psychoactive Substances Bill

The Psychoactive Substances Bill receives its Second Reading (Lords) on 9 June 2015 and amendments on 23 June.

LGA submission to review of use of communications data and interception powers

The LGA has submitted evidence to the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation's review of the use of communications data and interception powers, relating to councils' use of communications data.

Community safety

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

Download and read the LGA's briefing and response to the recent series of measures introduced aimed at addressing concerns about betting shop clustering and fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs).


Gambling and betting shops

Under the Gambling Act 2005, councils are responsible for licensing and overseeing local gambling establishments. Read more here

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The LGA supports exchange of knowledge through confidential discussion groups:


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