Trading standards, environmental health and licensing teams work hard to support local businesses by helping to explain complex legislation and cut through the red tape associated with regulation.

Their work is fundamental to creating a level playing field in which responsible businesses can flourish and local communities remain protected from rogues.

Councils take a risk-based approach to working with industry, which ensures that resource is focused on working with higher risk activities and non-compliant businesses.

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Media releases and news

Community safety

Sex offender checks on taxi drivers hampered by new restrictions, councils warn

3 February 2015

Vital efforts to protect children from criminals hiding behind their position as taxi drivers to commit sex offences are being hampered by new restrictions on crucial background checks, councils warn.

Community safety

Councils warn revellers to stay taxi safe this New Year

31 December 2014

Revellers are being warned to stay safe and only use licensed taxis when heading out to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Community safety

English councils also need powers to tackle proliferation of betting shops and FOBTS

9 December 2014

Councils in England are demanding the same powers to limit the proliferation of betting shops and high-stake Fixed Odds Betting Terminals that are being handed to Scotland.

Community safety

Government backs LGA licensing reforms in Autumn Statement

3 December 2014

Cllr Ann Lucas, Chair of the LGA's Safer and Stronger Communities Board, said: "It is pleasing that the Government has recognised the LGA's call for reform of our outdated licensing system by proposing a single online application process."

Community safety

Safety messages should be displayed on e-cigarette chargers after surge in blazes, say fire authorities

15 November 2014

Graphic safety messages should be displayed on all e-cigarette chargers say fire authorities, after shock new statistics show a surge in fires connected to the devices.

Briefings, responses and articles

LGA / CQC / HSE memorandum of understanding

The LGA has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) relating to the enforcement of health and safety law.

LGA briefing: Deregulation Bill, Taxi and PHV clauses

LGA briefing: Deregulation Bill, Taxi and PHV clauses

Regulatory services officer of the future research

The LGA has published the findings of a short piece of research considering the regulatory services officers of the future.

LGA response to Community and Ancillary Sellers Notice consultation

The LGA has set out its concerns with the proposed Community and Ancillary Sellers Notices, reflecting those raised by many council members.

Reducing the Strength schemes: Guidance for councils considering setting up a scheme

'Reducing the Strength' refers to initiatives designed to tackle the problems associated with street drinking by removing from sale low price high-strength alcohol products through voluntary agreements with local retailers.

Local authority work to tackle illicit alcohol

The LGA is involved in a joint industry-government Alcohol Anti-fraud taskforce, which is exploring how to drive greater intervention against businesses and individuals that are selling non-UK duty paid alcohol through licensed premises.

LGA response: Consultation on data sharing for non-economic regulators

Data sharing is an issue of concern for councils in a number of different areas. The LGA welcomes this opportunity to comment on how to tackle this challenge.


LGA briefing for Westminster Hall debate on reform of private hire vehicles

The LGA position ahead of this debate on 29 April 2014.

Locally-set licensing fees consultation: LGA response

The LGA has expressed concern about the complexity of proposals in the Home Office's consultation on localising fees under the Licensing Act.


Advice for licensees showing World Cup 2014 games

The guidance is intended as a template for pubs, local authorities and police to work together to ensure that the World Cup is a successful and enjoyable occasion.


‘Open for business' – a vision for local regulation

The LGA has launched a ‘Vision for local regulation' which aims to recognise and build on the contribution local trading standards, environmental health and licensing teams can make to economic growth and job creation.

Regulation board papers

The Safer and Stronger Communities Board has responsibility for Local Government Association (LGA) activity in the promotion of the health and safety of local communities. Regulation and licensing are a regular feature in the agenda of the quarterly board meetings which can be found here. Below are the latest papers.

Update on regulatory service issues March 2014 (PDF, 4 pages, 176KB)

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The LGA supports exchange of knowledge through confidential discussion groups:


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