Trading standards, environmental health and licensing teams work hard to support local businesses by helping to explain complex legislation and cut through the red tape associated with regulation.

Their work is fundamental to creating a level playing field in which responsible businesses can flourish and local communities remain protected from rogues.

Councils take a risk-based approach to working with industry, which ensures that resource is focused on working with higher risk activities and non-compliant businesses.

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Media releases and news

Community safety

LGA-led betting commission launched to address clustering and gaming machine concerns

1 April 2014

A new landmark taskforce is being launched by councils and bookies in an attempt to address concerns around high street betting shop clustering and the harm caused by Fixed Odds Betting Terminal machines.

Community safety

LGA responds to blanket world cup licensing relaxation

31 March 2014

Cllr Tony Page, LGA licensing spokesman, said: "A World Cup summer is always an exciting time and councils understand that watching matches in a local pub is a key part of the whole experience. Councils also support moves that bring communities together and also help the local economy.


Councils raise public health concerns over food firms' online games for children

28 March 2014

Food giants are putting up free website games to entice youngsters or their parents into buying their products. Pop-up health warnings should accompany addictive online games used by food firms to target children says the LGA.


Locally-set licensing fees

20 February 2014

Councils are forced to subsidise the drinks industry by £1.5 million a month with the current bill £150 million and rising...


Licensing can play public health role

20 February 2014

The LGA is calling for a new ‘public health objective' to be taken into account when reaching licensing decisions and is also urging the Government to end bizarre rules that prevent councils from acting on warnings from local health experts.

Briefings, responses and articles

Locally-set licensing fees consultation: LGA response

The LGA has expressed concern about the complexity of proposals in the Home Office's consultation on localising fees under the Licensing Act.


Advice for licensees showing World Cup 2014 games

The guidance is intended as a template for pubs, local authorities and police to work together to ensure that the World Cup is a successful and enjoyable occasion.

LGA Response: Consultation on changes to entertainment licensing

LGA Response: Consultation on changes to entertainment licensing

Taking action on alcohol

Councils up and down the country have been taking action as part of Alcohol Awareness Week.

Personal Alcohol Licences consultation – LGA response

The LGA has submitted its response to the Home Office consultation on the abolition of personal licence fees.

Locally set licence fees: LGA consultation on guidance

Councils are facing increased scrutiny with regards licensing particularly in relation to fees. The LGA is consulting on guidance to help councils understand the issues to be considered when setting local licence fees.

Regulatory Services training module for councillors

An online resource for councillors explaining how councils' regulatory services can be used to support and meet the needs of local businesses and residents.

LGA responds to Primary Authority Guidance consultation

The LGA supports Primary Authority as one of the key tools that councils can use to support businesses but has concerns over the introduction of compulsory inspection plans.

Licensing Fees – Hemming, Westminster and Aylesbury Vale

Councillor Mehboob Khan, Chair of the LGA Safer and Stronger Communities Board, has written to community safety portfolio holders about two recent court cases that have significant implications for all licensing fee regimes.

Community safety

Cambridgeshire County Council wins primary authority award

Cambridgeshire County Council has won the inaugural Local Authority of the Year Primary Authority Award in recognition of the way it is working alongside businesses to help reduce red tape and improve regulation.


‘Open for business' – a vision for local regulation

The LGA has launched a ‘Vision for local regulation' which aims to recognise and build on the contribution local trading standards, environmental health and licensing teams can make to economic growth and job creation.

Regulation board papers

The Safer and Stronger Communities Board has responsibility for Local Government Association (LGA) activity in the promotion of the health and safety of local communities. Regulation and licensing are a regular feature in the agenda of the quarterly board meetings which can be found here. Below are the latest papers.

Update on regulatory service issues September 2013 (PDF, 4 pages, 192 KB)

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