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December 2014 edition of the research bulletin (PDF, 17 pages, 398KB)           

Featured this month:

Families in the labour market, 2014
This ONS publication examines the labour market participation of families. Topics include the number of working and workless families, employment rates of parents and differences in the employment rates and the types of work done by mothers and women without dependent children.

Underemployment and overemployment in the UK, 2014
This Office for National Statistics (ONS) report looks in detail at whether people in work are working the hours that they would like to. It considers those workers in the UK who are underemployed and want to work more hours, as well as those workers who want to work less hours.

Children's early literacy practices at home and in early years settings: Second annual survey of parents and practitioners, 2014
This report from the Literacy Trust provides information about the role that technology could play in engaging new readers from key groups of young children.

The business case for adapting buildings to climate change
This research from Innovate UK looks at the emerging market for building designers preparing buildings for a changing climate and at the opportunities and challenges they face.

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