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May 2016 edition of the research bulletn (PDF, 18 pages)

Featured this month:

Open Data Institue and LGA eLearning modules
The Open Data Institute and LGA have developed three online eLearning modules to support local authorities to publish data, improve the quality of data and use common standards in order to more easily share, combine and compare data for further use and analysis across authorities.

The overlooked over-75s: poverty among the 'silent generation' who lived through the Second World War
This report from the charity Independent Age provides an analysis of the financial circumstances of older people with a focus on those people aged 75 and over. It looks at different groups of older people and identifies those at most risk of living on low incomes.

Persistant poverty in the UK and EU: 2014
This Office for National Staistics (ONS) paper explores the rates of 'persistent poverty' for the UK during the period 2008-14, and compares these with other EU countries.