Links to our Research and Information sponsored projects. These are primarily produced and published electronically and can be downloaded as PDF documents.

Children, young people and education

The Local Government Education and Children's Services Research Programme is designed to contribute to the development of local authorities and schools through its work with the LGA.

Community safety

As well as representing communities on issues such as licensing, crime and disorder, anti-social behaviour and community safety, councils are also responsible for delivering high standard services such as public protection, health and safety and regulatory services.

Culture, tourism and sport

Local authorities have a key role to play in developing cultural, tourism and sport opportunities for residents and visitors alike. We have completed a range of projects looking at what councils are doing in this area

Economy and transport

Councils have a key role in driving economic recovery. We continue to press the Government to deliver real devolution of economic powers and funding to councils.


The LGA and central bodies are working closely with a range of agencies to explore the challenges ahead and to ensure that local authorities receive the support they need. View this section for the latest publications in this area.

Geographic information

Geographic Information is a powerful but underused tool to aid the formulation of effective strategy, the design and management effective service delivery, and in monitoring and evaluating performance. View this section for the latest work in this area.

Health and wellbeing

Local authorities now have the responsibility for public health and wellbeing and our work in this area supports them in this important and new responsibility.


The local authority role in relation to housing is undergoing significant change. Many no longer directly provide council homes but have transferred stock to housing associations or let other organisations manage it on their behalf. Authorities continue to play a pivotal role in assessing local housing requirements.

Local government finance

The 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review set the spending envelope for 2010/11, set a zero-based approach to assessing the effectiveness of departments' existing spending. The challenge is to ensure that Government provides sufficient resources to fund local and national pressures on local government.

Local government pay and workforce

We produce robust and useful data to support local authorities in developing the flexible, skilled workforce they need to meet future challenges. At the same time we are working with partners to minimise the burden of data collection centrally and improve the quality of workforce data locally.


Local decisions made by local people are a key feature of local government. Our work evidences how local authorities are supporting the development of localism across all aspects of the services that they provide.

Performance and improvement

We welcome the positive steps made by Government to dismantle much of the performance management framework for local government and continue to campaign for the reduction of central performance reporting in favour of sector self-regulation, transparency and local accountability. This section contains the latest publications in this area.

Population and migration

By commissioning research and encouraging debate through workshops and conferences, we are developing a local government proposition for medium and longer term strategies to get better nationally accredited local population estimates which take account of the rapid changes brought about through international migration.

Social care

The 'Our health, our care, our say' Health White Paper sets out a vision to provide people with good quality social care and NHS services in the communities where they live. View this section for the latest research publications in this area as well as other health and social care related publications.

Other themes

In this section you can find research into other areas as well as see the results of our website survey 2013.