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The LGA is working hard to secure the changes needed to ensure the future of the social care system and address the current funding problem. We want to see a system that meets the needs and expectations of future generations.

That's why we are campaigning for a social care system that provides much-needed certainty, is stable and fit for purpose, as well as being properly funded.

We want to see

  • Fairer funding: those using the system need clarity about what the public and the state will contribute towards care costs
  • Simplification: families need to be able to understand and navigate the system easily
  • Integration: with the right links between social care, health, public health and housing we can improve services for the people using the system and create savings for the taxpayer
  • Increased funding: in the current climate no-one wants to hear that more money is needed but we must provide adequate resource for the system. 

Let's talk about the money 

To secure fairer funding for care we believe the only workable option on the table are the proposals set out by Andrew Dilnot's Commission on Funding of Care and Support. But to get to a system we believe that people deserve the current funding gap needs to be tackled.

Unless that gap is addressed now the money available by 2020 to fund council services like road maintenance, libraries and leisure centres will have shrunk by 90 per cent in cash terms. The rapidly rising cost of providing adult social care, combined with the growing cost of delivering councils' other explicit statutory responsibilities like social services, waste collection and concessionary travel, will soak up almost all of council spending.

This will affect not only the look of local areas but also the wellbeing of local residents, placing yet further stress on our already stretched system.

Show us you care

We need your help to achieve the ambitions of our campaign. Show us by signing up today.

The following councils have already confirmed their support:

  • Brighton & Hove City Council
  • Christchurch Borough Council
  • Durham CC
  • East Devon DC
  • East Dorset DC
  • East Lindsey DC
  • East Sussex CC
  • LB Enfield Council
  • Gateshead Council
  • Hampshire CC
  • LB Islington Council
  • Kent CC
  • LB Harrow Council
  • LB Hounslow Council
  • Manchester City Council
  • North Yorkshire CC 
  • Norwich City Council
  • Plymouth City Council
  • Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
  • Scarborough BC
  • South Somerset DC
  • South Tyneside Council
  • Stoke-on-Trent City Council
  • Tameside MBC
  • Torbay Council
  • Warwickshire CC
  • West Sussex CC


Get involved

We have put together a pack to help you with campaigning in your local area

This includes the:

Guide to Reform (PDF, 28 pages, 724KB) 

In addition LGA members can sign in to access:

A template letter to send to your local MP

A press release for use in your local area.

You can contact Kirsty Ivanoski-Nichol for further information.


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