Stand for what you believe in, Be an Independent councillor

What matters to you in your local area? Is it the state of the local park, the need for more activities for young people, improving services for older people, making the roads safer or ensuring that local businesses can thrive? Whatever needs changing in your neighbourhood, you could be just the person to change it by becoming a local councillor.

Perhaps you are already involved in your community and local affairs and want to take the next step. Or you may be looking for a worthwhile and rewarding way to help your local community. There are more than 20,000 local councillors in England and Wales, each representing their local community and all with their own reason for doing so. In order to be truly democratic, councils need to be representative of their community. To make the best decisions, they need to draw on a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge of what the local community wants and needs. Councils need people from all parts of the community who can bring their own perspective on what is needed locally.

Are you ready to help change the face of local government?

No other role gives you the chance to make such a huge difference to the quality of life for people in your local area

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