Culture, tourism and sport – update on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – May 2012

Welcome to the May edition of the LGA's 2012 Games e-bulletin, which comes as the Olympic Torch Relay has started its 70-day journey across the UK. Councils throughout the UK are central to the success of the relay and have welcomed the opportunity to bring the Games to local communities. To coincide with the start of the relay, the LGA has put out a press statement to highlight the key role that councils are playing in making sure that events run smoothly, including a number of case studies about the planned celebrations.

As ever, we want to ensure that this bulletin is as useful as possible for you and we would welcome your feedback by email: If any of your colleagues would like to receive the bulletin they can also email us and ask added to the mailing list.

Policy update

Lead councillors from the LGA 2012 Task and Finish Group met with senior officials from LOCOG and Nations and Regions Group to discuss issues of concern to councils regarding the Torch Relay. In particular, LGA councillors mentioned the lack of information from the Presenting Partners which was causing problems for some councils when they were planning their Torch Relay arrangements.

Lead councillors from the LGA 2012 Task and Finish Group also met with Hugh Robertson MP, Minister for Sport and the Olympics, and Bob Neill MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State. They discussed preparations for staging the Torch Relay, how councils are using the opportunity to promote their localities, the different challenges in hosting the relay in different parts of the country and the need to ensure that costs and additional demands to councils did not increase at this late stage.

The LGA will participate in the (likely) bi-weekly meetings of the Cabinet Committee for the Olympics (CCO) with either a member or chief executive as appropriate. A staff officer will be in place to provide support and will be located in the Olympic Secretariat for all key times and will liaise closely with the GOE hub which will act as the principal point for strategic information on the Torch. Should incidents arise in the course of the Torch Relay, existing business as usual arrangements will be used the first instance. The CCO meeting schedule for the Torch Relay will involve two meetings a week at an official level, alongside ministerial meetings in May, June and July.

Chair of the LGA Culture, Tourism and Sport (CTS) Board Cllr Flick Rea attended the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Disability Sport Summit, where Jeremy Hunt, MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport outlined his vision for creating a legacy of increased sports participation for disabled people. To achieve this an £8 million fund from the Sport England ‘Places People Play' initiative will be made available. Cllr Rea mentioned that councils had for many years been at the forefront of creating more sporting opportunities for disabled people and there was a greater need for all sports providers in a locality to work in partnership to create more sustainable opportunities and that councils are best placed to facilitate this.

Cllr Rea met with the chief executive of Sport England to develop further the good partnership working between the two organisations, and this has resulted in three more councillor Leadership Academies for cabinet/portfolio holders for sport planned during 2012/13, where the role of the 2012 Games and legacy is part of the programme. Cllr Rea also outlined the need for councils to continue to be integral to the implementation of the Sport England Youth and Community Strategy 2012-17.

Finally, we are keen to hear your views. Please let us know about your any issues you want the LGA to raise on your behalf. Please email:


Olympic Torch Relay – messages to councils

Saturday 19 May marked the start of the Olympic Torch Relay. The Torch will be carried all over the UK for 70 days, including 66 evening celebrations.

Cornwall Council and its partners' efforts to stage a successful event, coupled with significant media coverage, helped create a really positive experience for the participants. It began the feeling of excitement for the rest of the UK areas that will host a Torch Relay.

You can follow the Torch Relay as along its route on:

A vital aspect of ensuring that the Torch Relay is as successful as it can be will be gathering lessons from councils that are hosting the Torch Relay. This information will be disseminated to the remainder of councils that are still to host the Torch Relay.

To begin this process, the Government Olympic Executive (GOE) produced a debrief of the Olympic Torch Relay test event. This took place on Friday 20 April and covered the Torch Relay from Leicester to Peterborough.

Olympic Torch Relay dress rehearsal debrief

The LGA has also been in contact with a number of councils to assess the level of readiness to host the Olympic Torch Relay. While all councils are keen to ensure that the Torch Relay is a success, there are still a number of concerns that need resolving. The major concern being expressed is around a lack of information from some of the Presenting Partners about the Pre-Activation Convoy vehicles and activities at the evening celebrations.

The LGA will be working with LOCOG and the councils concerned to attempt to resolve these issues. If your council is also facing similar or other concerns, please contact us on email:

Also, the LGA will work with the GOE to ensure that information relating to the Torch Relay lessons is communicated to councils further along on the Torch route.

London 2012 – ‘Join in' events listing

The London 2012 ‘Join in' event listings is a website where your council can search for events happening in the area, and now you can also add your council's events to be showcased to the nation. The event listings website is where millions will search for the London 2012 Games celebrations where they can join in and get involved.

For London boroughs: If your council's celebrations have already been uploaded to the GLA's Culture Diary, there is no need to re-submit, as the event listings will interact with the Culture Diary. To find out about events uploaded to the event listings in your area, a report will be available including information about the events and locations of the events. These reports will be organised by region, local authority and equivalents on the 30th of each month for the forthcoming month's events in your area.

London 2012 website – to access this report and to be able to gain access with the username: event listing reports and the password: haPuWeb8

Join in Local Sport

‘Join in' is an idea which began in LOCOG as a way of encouraging the nation to get involved in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Now a separate company has been set up, the Join in Trust Limited. It is a small team dedicated to extending Join in beyond the Games under the banner ‘Join in Local Sport'.

On 18-19 August (the first weekend between the Olympics and Paralympics) sports clubs will be encouraged to put on events and activities. These include a drive for more helpers, demonstrations, festivals, makeover projects or whatever they decide, and the public will be asked to turn up to support them. The Join in Local Sport team is developing a website which provides a place for clubs to register and advertise their events. Here they will find practical advice to help them make the most of the weekend, whether they want to sign up more volunteers, supporters or playing members. Clubs are able to register their events through the website at

As many sports clubs are based in council premises the ‘Join in' team will be looking for support from councils to help clubs deliver these events.

The LGA has invited David Moorcroft, Director of Sport – Join in Trust, to speak at the next Culture, Tourism and Sport Board meeting, where we will be discussing how councils can best support this initiative.

Community Games – help make it happen in your area

The Community Games programme which is supported by £2 million of funding from the Big Society Fund is now ready to be delivered throughout England. Organised by the County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN) and the YMCA, the programme is providing support and resources for communities to organise around 2,000 local sporting and cultural events in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee and 2012 Games.

Local funding will depend upon what individual County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) are able to secure. Community Games are a great vehicle for raising awareness of local issues, attracting new volunteers and stimulating interest in local participation opportunities.

If you want to promote Community Games in your area, contact your local CSP and sign up to be one of their advocates. If you know a local group that would be interested in organising their own event encourage them to express their interest or register their event on the

Community Games website.

‘Host a Nation Week' – A guide for events in your community

Host a Nation Week will take place between 16 to 22 July 2012 and a booklet outlining information about the week has been produced by DCMS for local communities.

The intention of the week-long celebration is to encourage sports clubs, schools and communities that have a Pre-Games Training Camp nearby to learn about countries that are taking part in the 2012 Games and organise appropriate activities within their locality.

Councils are asked to promote the toolkit in their local communities and where possible to support local initiatives and cross cultural learning activities.

‘Host a Nation Week' – A guide for events in your community

Local Leaders resources expanded

LOCOG can provide a breakdown of postcodes of Local Leaders in your council area. If you would like this information please email: with the postcode areas that you require.

LOCOG are also able to place details of your council on their website asking Local Leaders to contact you if they are in your area.

To get started, click: Registration page to join the exchange.

If you do run into difficulty accessing the site, please email:

LOCOG have also produced resources to help Local Leaders:

Greatest day

Tools to

The Line the Streets competition –

Upload your events to the LOCOG events


LGA 2012 Games Community of Practice (Knowledge Hub)

In order to share good practice on what your council is doing on the 2012 Games or to find out about how other councils are preparing for the 2012 Games, the 2012 Games Community of Practice (Knowledge Hub) site has been launched. The site has improved facilities to the previous Community of Practice site and If you are not already registered on the LGA Olympic and Paralympic CoP, please register on the following site:


The LGA annual conference

26 – 28 June 2012 | Birmingham

With less than a month to go to the opening ceremony and the Torch Relay underway, a lunchtime fringe session on Thursday 28 June will discuss the drive to embed and secure the long-term benefits of London 2012 for communities up and down the country. Cllr Stephen Castle, Chair of the LGA 2012 Task and Finish Group, and Dave Moorcroft OBE, former 5,000 metre world record holder and Chair of the West Midlands Leadership Group for the 2012 Games, will be speaking.

There will also be a workshop on Tuesday 26 June on ‘Transforming the delivery of sport in local communities', where Chris Perks, Sport England Director Local Relationships and Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Vice-Chair, LGA will outline how councils are developing innovative ways to involve more young people in sport. To book a place, visit the LGA website.

Putting culture and sport at the heart of commissioning workshop

9 July 2012 | London

The LGA in partnership with Sport England, Arts Council England and Chief Leisure Officers Association (CLOA) are holding a one-day event for councillors on ‘Putting culture and sport at the heart of commissioning'. The workshop will provide councillors with an understanding of the commissioning landscape and how they can ensure that culture and sport becomes better at commissioning and being commissioned.

Community Celebration Pack available for limited time only

The ‘Community Celebration Pack' is available to purchase for councils, community groups and non-commercial organisations and contains 50 hand flags, 2 x 15 metre (m) bunting strings, a horizontal banner (0.5 m x 2.5 m) and a 1.5 m flag and flagpole kit and is price at £99 incl VAT with a special offer that if you buy nine packs you get the tenth free. Packs of 100 hand flags are also now available to buy separately.

For further information and to buy, go to

LOCOG are also happy to present on Community Celebration Packs to any groups that are interested. Please refer any relevant contacts to email:

Packs will only be available to order until Friday 15 June so please pass this information on to all your relevant contacts now.

LOCOG disposal of assets post-2012 Games

LOCOG, the company responsible for staging the London 2012 Games, are in the process of compiling detailed catalogues covering available inventory procured for the Games which they need to dispose of.

These assets will be offered at discounted prices compared to standard market rates, being ‘second hand'. DCMS has secured an offer of public sector first refusal on such assets in an attempt to generate both good value for money in planned public procurement and generate a tangible public legacy benefit from these assets. LOCOG is keen to quickly secure firm expressions of interest.

LOCOG have proposed to hold a presentation to answer questions from interested public sector buyers, see the below invite – they would be grateful if you could respond on whether you are available to attend and also if you could forward on to appropriate colleagues.

Details of LOCOG Asset Disposal Open Day:

Date/time – Tuesday 29 May 2012, 3:30 pm start, concluding at 5:15 pm. (Refreshments will be provided)

Location: One Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5LN

The purpose of this event is to provide you with five-day preview opportunity, to secure these assets before LOCOG starts the main public sales process.

On the day LOCOG will provide a list of assets for sale along with an opportunity to hear from Gerry Walsh, LOCOG Procurement Director about the LOCOG Procurement and Asset Disposal Programme and David Goldstone.

The list of assets will be made available to you on 29 May and you will then have until the 8 June to express interest in the asset/s. This is a unique opportunity to save money and support the sustainability and legacy goals of LOCOG.

If you are planning to attend please respond to* email: by Friday 25 May.

* You are welcome to bring one additional colleague to this event.

If you have any questions or queries about the above please email your query directly to

26 July 2012

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