Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme: local stocktake

The Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme is asking local areas to complete a stocktake of progress against the commitments made nationally that should lead to all individuals receiving personalised care and support in appropriate community settings no later than 1 June 2014.

DH Winterbourne View Review Concordat: Programme of action

The purpose of the Winterbourne View stocktake is to enable local areas to assess their progress and for that to be shared nationally. The stocktake is also intended to enable local areas to identify what help and assistance they require from the Joint Improvement Programme and to help identify where resources can best be targeted. The sharing of good practice is also an expected outcome.

This stocktake can only successfully be delivered through local partnerships. The programme is asking local authorities to lead this process given their leadership role through Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs) but responses need to be developed with local partners, including CCGs, and shared with HWBs.

The deadline for this completed stocktake is Friday 5 July. Any queries, good practice or final responses should be sent to

Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme tripartite letter (PDF, 5 pages, 191KB)

Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme stocktake letter – May 2013 (PDF, 2 pages, 238KB)

Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme stocktake (Word doc, 6 pages, 67KB)

Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme stocktake easy-read version (PDF, 11 pages, 4.7MB large file)

The programme has produced some resources to assist local areas with their completion of the stocktake. These include a table that has the stocktake questions, a rationale about what each section is about and notes about what completing it might include. A summary of questions received and replies that the programme team have provided so far is also available.

Winterbourne View stocktake rationale template (PDF, 2 pages, 266KB)

Winterbourne View FAQs (PDF, 2 pages, 187KB)

Norman Lamb, Minister for Care Services, has recently written to chairs of HWBs explaining the significant leadership roles that HWBs should play in ensuring that the Concordat Commitments to transform health and care services and improve the quality of the care offered to children, young people and adults with learning disabilities or autism who have mental health conditions or behaviour that challenges to ensure better care outcomes for them. The stocktake will provide a local assurance tool for your HWB.

Ministerial letter (PDF, 3 pages, 1.4MB large file)

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31 October 2013

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