LGA briefing: Westminster Hall debate on fracking

 Key messages

  • The LGA does not take a view on whether fracking is the right solution. However, fracking schemes should be a matter for local decision making and therefore be considered through the local planning system.
  • Local communities should decide, through their democratically elected councils, whether or not to host fracking operations in their areas and local attitudes to fracking should not be overridden by national policy.
  • Local authorities will need to be assured, to enable communities to feel safe, that the issues covered by relevant regulatory regimes (for example seismic activity, water pollution, disposal of waste water, well construction and integrity) can and will be adequately addressed before they can consider granting planning permission.
  • Any financial benefits scheme set up for local communities who accept fracking in their areas should mitigate the adverse impacts of the development and deliver significant benefit to those communities.
  • Given the significant tax breaks that are being proposed by Government to drive forward shale gas development and the impact on local communities, the industry should increase its current community benefits offer. That offer should be more in line with those offered elsewhere in the world and should be set at 10 per cent of gross revenues.
  • In the LGA's campaign, 'Investing in our nation's future, the first 100 days of the next government',i we call on the new government to allow communities which choose to extract shale gas in their area to receive up to 10 per cent of the revenue from sales. All community benefit and compensation packages for fracking should be put on a statutory footing. 

Download the LGA briefing: Westminster Hall debate on fracking, 25 November 2014 (PDF)

8 December 2014