Implementation of mandatory rents for high income tenants policy - August 2016

This short briefing sets out some issues around the implementation of mandatory rents for high income tenants policy. We welcome any views from the sector on issues and suggestions covered (or not covered), contact us via

The LGA has consistently argued and continues to believe that the implementation of rent changes to tenants determined as high income should be voluntary for councils as it will be for housing associations, and that councils should retain any additional income generated to reinvest in new and existing housing . This will be particularly important in the period of economic uncertainty following the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

The progress of the Housing and Planning Act confirmed exemptions for some tenants and a tapered rent increase of 15p for every £1 earned above the threshold each week. Now that the Act is in place this short briefing introduces some principles for the delivery of the high income social tenant policy: timetable, administration, verifying tenant income, calculating rent, appeals, and payments.

As the LGA set out in its response to the Spending Review , the policy could be implemented at less cost if carried out through the tax system by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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Implementation of mandatory rents for high income tenants policy Local Government Association (LGA) briefing for councils August 2016


13 December 2016