Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council has:

  • Led the work on the creation of the LEP and instrumental in securing Enterprise Zone status for Alconbury.
  • Delivery of Busway - creates new economic corridor between Cambridge and Huntingdon
  • Chesterton Station - leading the drive for a new station and have said we will borrow to finance it (c.£20m)
  • Promoted the idea of Tax Increment Finance for many years as means to deliver infrastructure
  • Supporting much-need new homes in existing urban hubs and along public transport routes (inc new town of Nstowe)
  • Promised up to £20m (which has leveraged £6.75m from BDUK, and £3m from Peterborough and will leverage much much more from private sector) to deliver SuperFast Broadband across notspots in Cambs
  • Led campaign to get A14 back on agenda - with LGA partners and now with DFT
  • Ely level crossing - committed to a solution to enable growth of Ely and remove bottleneck 
  • Developing, with LEP, new  employer-led skills strategy. 


Please note that the information on this page has been provided by the Council concerned and not the  LGA.


21 June 2012

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