Listed below are some of the different ways in which you can currently access support. As other help becomes available, we'll let you know about it here.

Interface Associates

Interface Associates is the chosen delivery partner for the Department for Education to provide support to local authorities on their work with families with complex needs.

Interface Associates website

First phase areas

First phase areas have valuable experience of setting up community budgets. You can contact them through the Community of Practice (see below).

Community of Practice (CoP)

The Community of Practice (CoP) is a platform supporting collaborative networks for those involved in local delivery: central departments, local authorities, other public bodies, frontline staff, health staff, people working in charities and the private sector who are in some way delivering for the public. There is a specific community of practice for those working on community budgets.

Total Place and Community Budgets CoP – on the CoP website

Local Government Association's work

The Local Government Association is here to support, promote and improve local government, supporting councils' work from Total Place, place-based budgeting through to community budgets. We have brought areas together to share experiences through events, communications and of course this resource. We also represent your interests to central government.



Central Government support

Communites and Local Government community budgets webpage

Deparment for Education community budgets and families with multiple needs webpage

Total Place

Although we're in a new world we shouldn't forget the lessons learnt on our previous journeys. The Total Place website details the experience of those involved and publishes the outputs including:

31 March 2014

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