Leading Edge

The LGA's Leading Edge area of work focuses on the critical interface between elected leaders and senior officers; challenging them to consider the key issues facing councils, communities and the wider public sector.

As part of the LGA Leadership development offer, these 24-hour residential events offer a safe space and support for top level politicians and officers to share thinking and ideas on key issues affecting their councils. Last year's programme was run specifically for district council leaders and chief executives only. The workshops were themed around Leadership for Improvement, with particular focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness, testing the opportunities for collaboration and exploring more entrepreneurial approaches to service delivery.

This year's Leading Edge programme will follow a similar format and involve up to 50 leaders and chief executives from a variety of councils who will be invited to take part in one of a series of workshop events. The events will focus on the most challenging issues facing local government including devolution, coping with extreme financial pressure and demand management.

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9 February 2017