Leadership Essentials

'Leadership Essentials' is a series of events designed as themed learning opportunities for councillors. Each event concentrates on a specific portfolio area, such as Planning or Children's Services, or a specific theme, such as communications or digital leadership.

Benefits of attending
The Leadership Essentials Programmes provide a great chance for councillors to develop leadership skills in a particular area and share experiences among colleagues dealing with similar challenges.

Who are the Leadership Essential programmes for?
Leadership Essentials programmes are designed for portfolio holders or service committee chairs and are also open to interested council leaders.

The majority of Leadership Essentials programmes are fully subsidised, covering accommodation, meals and tuition so there is no fee to attend. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs. 

Political Leadership Masterclasses

These one-day political master classes are for councillors who hold leadership positions on their councils including cabinet members, committee chairs and opposition group leaders.  The cost of places at these events is fully subsidised. There are a very limited number of places available and they will be allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis. 

Working with the Media Masterclass

Working with the Media Masterclass 6    -   Tuesday, 11th July 2017
Working with the Media Masterclass 7    -   Thursday, 12th October 2017
Warwick Conferences, Coventry  CV4  7SH

For councillors in leadership positions, including leaders of councils, deputy leaders, leaders of political groups, portfolio holders 

As a leading councillor, you play a pivotal role in raising awareness of your local area and organisation through the media. We're running an intense one-day masterclass to develop and enhance your interview skills. 

The session will be run by experienced journalists who will provide guidance and advice on:

  • understanding journalists, your local media and what makes news
  • how to prepare for an interview, present yourself and avoid the pitfalls
  • how to develop meaningful messages and narrative
  • how to convey your message and control an interview

You'll undertake three interviews (both print and broadcast) during the course of the day with one-on-one guidance and detailed feedback. USB sticks containing all your interviews, along with media training notes, will be given to you at the end of the day to review in your own time.

The event is fully subsidised for all delegates. However, please note once you commit to joining the ‘Working with the Media' masterclass if you are then unable to make it, a £500 fee will charged to your council.

New Conversations Political Leadership Masterclass

An exciting new masterclass that will help you engage and consult with residents in an effective and creative way. 

If you find yourself asking "how do we effectively engage at a time when resources are scarce?", "how do we build and maintain trust when difficult decisions are being taken?", "what are the legal pitfalls that need to be navigated during a period of unprecedented reform?", this programme is for you.

This practical, one-day masterclass will bring the new LGA New Conversations Guide to life. You'll learn tips and tools to help build a stronger dialogue between your council and residents.  We'll share with you creative engagement approaches to build two-way relationships with your communities, including co-production, crowdsourcing, events and public meetings. 

At the end of this masterclass, you will have:

  • Been introduced to useful tools, which can be used immediately in your role as councillor.
  • Shared and heard best practice from across the sector
  • Taken part in action learning and considered your next steps on how to engage and consult like an expert.

New Conversations Masterclass 1 - Tuesday, 20th July 2017
Warwick Conferences, Coventry CV4  7SH

New Conversations Masterclass 2 - Friday, 13th October 2017
Local Government House, Smith Square, London

New Conversations Masterclass 3 - Friday, 10th November 2017
Metro Hotel, Leeds

Risk Management Political Leadership Masterclass
Dates tbc
Warwick Conference Centre, Coventry

Sometimes the biggest risk you can take is to take no risks at all! But what do we mean by risk and how can we make sure that we take it into account when making decisions?

This seminar will consider the types of risk that Councillors are likely to meet as they seek to influence the decision making process at their Council.  After establishing what is meant by risk, how risk is identified, evaluated and managed, the seminar will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss in a supportive environment how best to understand and deal with the political, financial and practical risks they face.

To book or for more information on the Highlighting Political Leadership development programmes/events mentioned please email grace.collins@local.gov.uk or phone 0207 664 3054

Leadership Essentials Adult Social Care
Programme 4: Tuesday 7th November – Wednesday 8th November 2017
Warwick Conferences, Coventry  CV4  7SH

This development event supports Lead Members with the key challenges they face in adult social care in the changing policy landscape. It offers the opportunity to explore leadership capacity, to share learning and to make valuable contacts.

For more information, download the course leaflet.

Leadership Essentials: Children's Services
Programme 17: Monday, 18th September – Tuesday, 19th September 2017
Programme 18: Saturday, 28th October – Sunday, 29th October 2017
Programme 19: Thursday, 1st February  – Friday, 2nd February 2018
All taking place at Warwick Conferences, Coventry  CV4  7SH

This programme is aimed at Lead Members for Children's Services who are responsible for providing leadership to Children's Services in their area and hold a statutory role.

For more information, download the course leaflet.

Leadership Essentials Health and Wellbeing for HWB Chairs and Vice Chairs 
Programme 13: Tuesday 7th November – Wednesday, 8th November 2017
Programme 12: Tuesday 28th November – Wednesday 29th November 2017
Both at Warwick Conferences, Coventry  CV4  7SH

Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs) are a unique forum where clinical, political, professional and community leaders come together to meet local health challenges. As system leaders HWBs will be instrumental in developing a place-based approach to transformation and integration. About the course This two day fully funded residential session will support Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) chairs and vice chairs to meet these challenges by coming together away from the day job to reflect on the effectiveness of their HWB in the current context, actively learn from each other and share experiences through the LGA's tried and tested approach to leadership development.

The session is led by member and clinical commissioning group (CCG) peers with input from national partners. 

Leadership Essentials: Fire and Rescue
Programme 6: Wednesday, 18th October – Thursday, 19th October 2017
Warwick Conferences, Coventry  CV4  7SH

This programme is aimed at elected members with leading roles on fire and rescue authorities.

For more information, download the course leaflet.


Leadership Essentials: Cultural Services
Dates tbc

Warwick Conference Centre, Coventry

After four very successful programmes, we are delighted to be working in partnership with Arts Council England to deliver further Leadership Essentials Cultural Services programmes for leading members with responsibility for Cultural Services.

For more information, download the course leaflet.

Commissioning Academy for Elected Members
Programme 7:  Tuesday, 31st October – Wednesday, 1st November 2017
Warwick Conferences, Coventry CV4 7SH

Councillors involved in the commissioning of services can develop their skills in this role at the Commissioning Academy for Elected Members jointly developed by the Local Government Association and Cabinet Office Commissioning Academy.

For more information, download the course leaflet.

Leadership Essentials: Finance Programme
Programme 7:   Saturday, 21st October – Sunday, 22nd October 2017
Programme 8:   Thursday, 23rd November – Friday, 24th November 2017

This free two-day residential programme will help leaders and finance portfolio holders get to grips with the financial challenges facing their authority.

For more information, download the course leaflet.

Leadership Essentials: Getting Your Message Across
Programme 4:  Saturday, 27th January – Sunday, 28th January 2018
Warwick Conferences, Coventry  CV4  7SH

This event will provide councillors with the new ideas, strategies and techniques for achieving more effective communication with both internal and external audiences.

Leadership Essentials: Effective Scrutiny
Programme 6: Thursday, 28th September – Friday, 29th September 2017
Programme 7:  Saturday, 13th January – Sunday, 14th January 2018

Effective Scrutiny two-day programme is for new or aspiring scrutiny chairs or task-and-finish group review lead members.

Leadership Essentials Counter Extremism
Local authorities have a key part to play in protecting their communities from extremism and hate crime. This new two-day programme will help elected members to understand their role in countering extremism (including through Scrutiny); explore common values; consider how to build cohesive local communities; discuss effective community engagement and communication; and share good practice with members in similar roles.

The Government's 2015 Counter-extremism strategy acknowledged the key role of local authorities in protecting local areas from extremism. This event will explore in detail local government's role in countering extremism. It will look at the distinctions with delivering local government's Prevent duty, and encourage debate on how to challenge extremist ideologies. The course will cover approaches for building community cohesion and resilience and effective responses to hate crime. It will also cover effective scrutiny of local counter-extremism strategies

Dates tbc.

The cost of attending this programme is fully subsidised.  This includes accommodation, meals, course materials and tuition.

Leadership Essentials Planning – Planning Changes – will they help?
The Government and Planning Reform

This course will look at the planning reforms in the Housing and Planning Act, priorities for the new ministerial team, what will change and what it means to councils. Relevant to all councillors, including those with a planning remit within their portfolio or as a committee member. Councillors involved in delivering other objectives – for example housing or regeneration – via the planning system would also benefit. The sessions will include updates from DCLG and the development industry. You will go away with up to date knowledge and new thoughts about how planning can deliver what you want for your communities.

Dates tbc.

Fees: Delegate cost will be £250. All meals accommodation and course materials will be provided as part of the delegate package. If you wish to arrive the night before, there will be an additional cost of £85.

14 March 2017