Culture and sport improvement toolkit

Updated and revised toolkit

Given the fundamental changes that are taking place, we have updated the toolkit making it simpler, more flexible for different organisational needs. Copies of the new version can be accessed by following the links below.

The CSIT has been specifically designed for (and by) the culture, sport, green space and tourism sectors. It aims to help public sector bodies and their partners from the commercial sector and civil society develop the organisational capabilities which will enable them to:

  • re-group in the face of these challenging times
  • survive amid all the changes
  • re-grow the services provided for the community with a different role and level of resources.

Culture, sport, green space and tourism sectors must change and adapt in the light of the significant and fast-moving alterations in the external environment and funding landscape and the changing needs, expectations and role of the community.

We cannot control this, but we can respond by delivering different types of services, at significantly less cost, through different types of partnerships and collaborations between public sector bodies, commercial sector organisations, and civil society organisations… and achieving tangible results from this activity.


12 September 2013