Monitoring: integrated national support offer

Access to high-quality, up-to-date, relevant data that enables benchmarking against clearly defined local, regional and national goals, objectives and targets is critical for effective performance management and improvement planning.

The following research and measurement techniques can help demonstrate the impact of culture and sport on outcomes and people's lives.

Description of support available Who is involved Delivery Availability
A guide to developing a local outcomes framework for culture and sport Co-funded support delivered in partnership with LGA National now
Local Sport Profiles

Enables local authorities in England to generate a sporting profile for their area, including data on sporting participation, sporting provision , demographic and health.

Local Sport Profiles - on the Sport England website
Sport England National now

Designed mainly for the management of leisure facilities and sport development teams, uQest defines industry standards and good practice and encourages their ongoing development and delivery.

Quest - on the Sport England website
Sport England National now
National Benchmarking Service

Provides local authorities with robust information on the performance of their sports facilities compared with similar facilities across the country.

National Benchmarking Service - on the Sport England website
Sport England National now
Impact and Outcome collection tool

Helps councils, local strategic partnerships (LSPs) and other organisations collate data and evidence to better demonstrate their contribution to outcomes, manage performance and plan improvement.
Co-funded support delivered in partnership with LGA (formerly IDeA) National Late 2010
Taking Part survey

Collects data about leisure, culture and sport in England, as well as an in-depth range of socio-demographic information on respondents. Data is available down to regional level.

Taking part - on the DCMS website
Arts Council England, Sport England, MLA, English Heritage, and DCMS National, with data down to regional level Now
Active People survey

The largest, most detailed single survey of sport, active recreation and culture ever undertaken in Europe. Data is available on the levels of participation in sport and active recreation in England.

Sport and active recreation participation data (including NI8) - on the Sport England website

National indicator (NI) data, including for museums (NI10) and libraries (NI9) - on the DCMS website

Arts NI11 community of practice - containing details of Arts Council England's national support programme

MLA regional field team providing improvement support - on the MLA website

Active People diagnostic tool - on the Sport England website (registration required, free access)
Sport England, MLA and Arts Council England National Now
Outcomes framework for museums, libraries and archives

Advice and guidance on delivering outcomes set out in the national indicator set.

Delivering outcomes - on the MLA website
MLA National Now
Arts audience segmentation data - on the Arts Council England website Arts Council England National Now
Sport market segmentation - on the Sport England website Sport England National Now
Heritage counts annual survey of the historic environment - on the English Heritage website English Heritage National and regional Now
Library benchmark - on the MLA website MLA National Now
Inspiring Learning for All (ILfA)

Web resource including information and tools to measure generic learning outcomes (GLOs) and generic social outcomes (GSOs).

ILfA website
MLA National Now
MLA research resources website

MLA research briefings - on the MLA research resources website
MLA National Now
Quality of Experience tool

To allow arts organisations, councils and others to measure systematically the reaction of an audience member or participant to an arts event.
Arts Council England National By 2011
CASE (culture and sport evidence) programme

The CASE research programme aims to strengthen our understanding of how best to deliver high-quality culture and sporting opportunities to the widest audience, generating positive outcomes for society. A key aim of the programme is to extend and enhance the evidence base.

CASE programme - on the DCMS website
DCMS, Arts Council England, English Heritage, MLA and Sport England National Now


27 June 2012

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