A guide to developing a local outcomes framework for culture and sport

One of the modern challenges to public services is to be able to demonstrate that investment and action are improving people's lives.

Culture and sport, perhaps now more than ever before, must demonstrate the contribution the sector makes to better outcomes for individuals, communities and places.

This web resource provides guidance for councils and their partners on how to create a local outcomes framework for culture and sport. This will help you measure and evidence the difference your service makes and its contribution to local priorities. It will also help you make the case for continued investment of public money.

For a five minute introduction to the framework click on the following link:

Showing the difference culture and sport makes: animated video

This animated video introduces the culture and sport outcomes framework, including how it works and how you can create your own.

If you are already familiar with the tool and want to skip to getting started click on the following link

Create your framework now


What's this guide for?

Find out what this guide is about, who it's for, how to use it and why it's been developed.

Or print this two page summary, which describes the benefits of developing an outcomes framework, the elements of the framework and gives a brief overview of the stages involved.  Insert new summary document.

Outcomes framework for culture and sport – summary (PDF, 2 pages, 100KB)

How will a local outcomes framework help me?

Find out what a local culture and sport outcomes framework can help you to do.

What should my framework include?

Understand the four elements that together make up an outcomes framework.

How do I create my own framework?

Follow a step-by-step guide to building your local outcomes framework if you need help getting started.

How have others developed theirs?

Look at outcomes frameworks developed by other councils and organisations for ideas.


Get ideas for your outcomes framework in the most common areas of local policy. Also see how an outcomes framework across several policy themes might look.

Data tools and sources

Find out what guidance is available on collecting data, what data is already available to support your framework and where you can get it from.


12 September 2013