Future Libraries Programme

The Future Libraries Programme was established to help library services during the current challenging financial climate. It aims to ensure libraries continue to play a central role for communities. Central to the programme is the vision of library and other local services working better together to deliver services genuinely designed around the needs of the public.

The programme initially worked on 10 innovative, collaborative projects involving about 30 councils. These projects were supported by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) and the LGA.

The report of the programme sets out the overall learning, while feedback from each project is included in a separate report.

Future Libraries Programme: final report to Governance Board (PDF, 18 pages, 168KB)

Future Libraries Programme: final reports from pilots (PDF, 68 pages, 1.0MB large file)

Learning from Future Libraries Programme Phase 1 (PDF, 36 pages, 1.0MB large file)

The experience of the projects suggests that there are four emerging change models which can be explored by other councils to help them address their own challenges. These models explored by a number of the projects are not mutually exclusive and can be developed together.

  • Shared services across council boundaries
  • Reviewing the location and distribution of service points
  • New provider models of delivery
  • Divesting library assets and services to community ownership and management.

The programme has also identified 10 key ingredients that are important to managing the changes and ensuring the desired results will be achieved. Councils now embarking on their own reviews and change processes will be able to learn from these to ensure they are successful.

You can access all the learning and communicate with the councils involved and other councils involved in changing their library services by joining the new Knowledge Hub

21st Century Libraries Group

You can join by contacting:

Welna Bowden
Improvement Adviser, LGA
Telephone: 07766 251 639
Email: welna.bowden@local.gov.uk


20 October 2015

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